Master Your Mindset

Master Your Mindset

A 12 Week Program To Create Massive Breakthroughs in Your Life

Your Mindset controls every aspect of your life.
Everything that you think, do, and have, is a direct result of your habitual belief systems.
When your beliefs are empowering, the propel you forward towards your dreams.
You can achieve any goal you set for yourself while feeling eager, passionate, and fulfilled at every step.

Gain Key Strategies for Success

Private Coaching + Small Group Classes

Combining Online Flexibility with One-on-One Attention

Enrollment Is Limited to 30 People.


About The Instructor

Hi, I’m Kyle Greenfield. and I’m the lead instructor here at The Joy Within.  I am a meditation leader, success coach, and author with experience leading meditations, lectures, seminars, and retreats in the U.S., South America, and Europe.
My philosophy is simple: get happy, and everything else will work out for you. When you focus on developing the right mindset, you can eliminate blocks and limiting beliefs, and build powerful momentum towards your goals.
I take a hands-on approach to teaching, focusing on practical tools and exercises that will help you identify and overcome your  blocks in the fastest time possible, using cutting-edge strategies backed by neuroscience, psychology, and physics.