Joy Creates Prosperity.

Unleash Your Potential. Discover The Joy Within.

Empowerment Is...

The Key to Rapid, Sustainable Breakthroughs in Any Area of Your Life

A Mindset

Shift your perspective and expand your awareness. Gain clarity of action, and drive decisions with purpose and meaning.

A Habit

Get the tools you need to take control of your thoughts and energy. Own your circumstances and feel good, regardless of what life throws at you.

A Way of Life

Wake up every morning eager for the day ahead. Build unstoppable momentum towards your goals while living in balance, ease, and peace. Begin living an inspired life.

Our Process

A Simple, 3-Step Process to Create Peace, Prosperity, and Fulfillment in Your Life.

Quiet The Mind

Discover your natural energy by becoming aware of your thoughts and listening to the space within.

Manage Beliefs

Create empowering beliefs by uncovering the source of your limitations and re-training your mind.

Follow Your Joy

Take responsibility for your own joy, and allow your emotions to guide you toward any goal you choose.

Our Services

Online Courses

Start prioritizing joy on your schedule, and at your own pace. Sign up for our free online course offerings focusing on meditation, happiness, and personal empowerment.

Empowerment Coaching

Take your training to the next level with one on one coaching. Our coaching program balances a proven curriculum with individualized trainings tailored to meet your needs.

Corporate Trainings

Improve your team’s performance with workshops on mental management, productivity, stress-relief, and more.

For Individuals

Are you inspired, happy, and fulfilled, every moment of every day?

Eliminate Stress and Negativity

Develop the tools you need to take control of your thought patterns. Learn how to spot common triggers before they spiral out of control, and release stress and negativity when it arises.

Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt

In every moment, you place your faith 100% behind your beliefs. Learn how to identify and replace limiting beliefs to launch you towards your next breakthrough.

Instill Peace, Clarity, and Passion

When you prioritize joy, you begin to create a remarkable sense of ease, enthusiasm, and fulfillment as you move through your life. Learn to develop this peace on command, at any time.

Featured COurses

Quiet The Mind

This 30-Day Introduction to Meditation provides a clear, modern approach to quieting the mind and experiencing bliss. You’ll learn easy techniques to help you focus on your breath and tap into your natural energy. 

The Energy of Joy

Joy is your most natural state. It is the energy of existence, and permeates every area of your life, even when you are unaware of it.

In this course, you’ll learn how to discover the feeling of joy in any circumstance.

The World You Attract

Everything is energy. The key to manifesting anything you desire is to gain control of your vibration. In this course, we’ll explore how The Laws of Attraction and Vibration work, and how you can use them to live the life of your dreams.

For Teams and Companies

Empower your team to outperform expectations.

Lunch and Learns

Build the fundamentals of mental management with a 60-minute workshop on mindfulness, meditation, or empowerment. Our talks are designed to engage your team and create the foundation for transformative change. 

Half and Full Day Workshops

Our small group workshops give your team the tools they need to make rapid breakthroughs. Our interactive sessions balance high level understanding with practical techniques and exercises you can apply, starting today.

Integrative Training Series

Customize our trainings to fit your needs. Our integrative training series combines all of our programs in a holistic program delivered either through intensive seminars or recurring workshops.

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Corporate Trainngs and Workshops

Meditation And Work: Using Mindfulness To Raise Your Game

Meditation has been shown to help individuals increase happiness, improve focus, reduce stress, and achieve peak performance. In this workshop, we’ll cover the basics of meditation through an introduction to the breath, with a focus on techniques you can use to attain peace of mind in a modern, working life.

Mental Management I: Overcoming Negativity, Anxiety and Overwhelm

Our minds think constantly, weaving stories about the world around us and the events of our daily lives. Most people are largely unaware of these stories and the profound impact they can have on your memory, focus, decisions, habits, and performance. In this training, we’ll focus on how to identify subtle negativity and redirect it to achieve a well-balanced mind.

Attaining Optimal Outcomes: Working From a State of Flow

Flow is a state of being in which individuals achieve peak performance by detaching from the constrains of the ego-mind. With practice, anyone can learn how to enter this state on command, using it to help you achieve optimal outcomes in any circumstance. In this workshop, we’ll discuss what flow is, why it’s important, and simple techniques you can use to access this energy in your daily life.

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