Empowerment Coaching

What If You Could Solve Your #1 Challenge?

Our 6 month program will teach you how to make rapid, sustainable progress towards any goal. Use this strategy to:

  • Make rapid, sustainable progress towards any goal,
  • Overcome fear and doubt,
  • Eliminate stress, overwhelm, and chronic fatigue,
  • Release negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, and
  • Radically increase your happiness, passion, and fulfillment.

Our simple system teaches you ONE Simple Idea to transform your life, with a Clear, 3-Step Strategy to make the next radical breakthrough and start living the life of your dreams.

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.

 – Ram Dass

Featured Courses

In This 30-Day Introduction to Meditation provides a clear, modern approach to quieting the mind and experiencing bliss.

Through daily videos, exercises, and guided meditations, you’ll learn easy techniques to help you focus on your breath and tap into your natural energy.

Joy is your most natural state. It is the energy of existence, and permeates every area of your life, even when you are unaware of it.

In this course, you’ll learn how to access your resonance, an intuitive source of joy that empowers you to experience incredible peace and happiness, on command.

Everything is energy. As you move throughout your day, you emit vibrations, which influence what you experience.

This courses teaches you how to gain control of your energy through the laws of attraction and vibration, empowering you to create the world of your dreams.

A Course in Miracles is one of the most powerful books on love ever written. It teaches how to feel more love, every day.

This course follows a secular approach to this universal practice, with a focus on techniques for applying insights from ACIM to the modern world.

Consciousness, Reimagined

Change Your Energy, Change Your LIfe.

You are 100% responsible for every detail of your life. Every second of every day, your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions literally create the world you experience.

Develop a Shift in Perspective

By shifting your perspective to energy, you can dramatically raise your awareness, gain control over your state of being, and consciously create your life.

Unlock An Inspired Life

When you focus on feeling good first, you live from a powerful state of alignment. Life flows more easily as you move from one inspired action to the next.

The Intersection of Science and Spirituality

Our approach points to the intersection of science and spirituality, combining intellectual insight with practical, experiential techniques anyone can master.

From The Blog: New and Noteworthy

Whether your circumstances are good or bad, happy or sad, you ALWAYS have the ability to feel a sense of expansion, peace and ease. If you learn to tap into this feeling as a habit, you will drastically increase the level of peace you feel. This video shows you how to find peace anytime, anywhere… Read more

Being spiritual doesn’t dictate a list of things you can or cannot do. It doesn’t tell you to quit your job, give away all of your possessions, or sacrifice anything about your life. Instead, spirituality is simply a series of key principles that you can apply to your life, in any way you see fit…Read more

The complaint is as old as the idea of meditation itself: you want to clear your head, you sit down for some quiet time, but random thoughts keep cropping up. No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to focus. Here’s how to get over the hump and actually clear your head when you meditate… Read more

If you’re just getting started with meditation, at first the process can seem hard, overwhelming, and even confusing. In this post I’ll lay out a few easy steps you can follow in order to make the most of your time on the mat, and ensure you know how to meditate effectively and easily…Read more