What We Teach

Stress and negativity are never about external challenges.

They’re about how you respond to those challenges. 

As business owners we have to have the ability to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles crop up.

That means we have to be able to manage our stress, doubts, and other negative thoughts, even on days when we feel scattered, or frustrated, or beaten down.

We teach that the key to overcoming any challenge is to tap into an unlimited source of energy within you.


This natural, inner energy, is the source of your drive, your passion, and also your sense of well-being, peace of mind, and fulfillment.

Most of our clients report a meaningful shift in the way they feel within the first few weeks of getting started.

How Your Emotions Work

When life happens, you have an emotional response.


The way you feel is determined by the stories you tell yourself about a situation.

It’s about how you interpret events and circumstances.

When those stories are positive, they propel you forward. You feel driven, or excited, or secure. But,

When those stories are negative, they hold you back. They start to chip away at you. 

That’s when you feel stressed, or upset, or defeated.

The challenge is that – most of the time – we can’t just pretend that negativity doesn’t exist.

We can’t just fake a smile, put on rose-colored glasses and hope that everything will be ok.

So we have to find a way to move authentically and deliberately from feelings of stress and negativity on the one hand, to peace of mind, excitement, and fulfillment on the other.

And that’s where you inner energy comes into play.

Prioritizing the way you feel helps you to think more clearly, make better decisions, become more productive…and actually enjoy your life.

We All Have a Natural Ability to Become Centered.

As we practice that ability, we become clearer and more at ease.

We begin to just know the right next step.

As this happens, our stress and negative thoughts drop away, and we begin to feel buoyed up, lifted, inspired into a powerful, positive momentum.

The Joy Within helps you leverage this inner power.

Anytime stress hits, you will have the knowledge, the tools, and the skill to reset and recenter. 

With a bit of practice, you can get ahead of that stress, so you almost never feel overwhelmed or worn down like you have in the past.

Our process helps you to:

Build confidence and resilience –> So you’re no longer bothered by the ups and downs of running a business, 

Gain clarity –> So you become a more productive, more effective leader, and 

Feel more fulfilled –> So you can be happy where you are, even as you pursue your more ambitious goals.

natural right to feel good

Get Started with a Free Assessment

Peace of mind begins with a conversation.

Get started with a 30-minute call. We will…

1. Identify the #1 Problem You’re Facing.

2. Clarify the Root Cause of that Problem, and

3. Decide on a Plan to Eliminate Stress & Negativity.

The Joy Within works because it is the only program that shows you how to harness the power of your natural, inner joy to tackle the root cause of stress & negativity.