Getting Into The Vortex

Workshop: Getting Into The Vortex

Simple Secrets for Effortless Manifestation

Discover the secret to effective transformation and learn how to master your mood using 5 easy-to-follow steps.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  1. Find Your Point of Attraction
  2. Discover Your Natural Guidance
  3. Manage Your Thoughts
  4. Build Unstoppable Momentum
  5. Get Happy, On Command

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Attract The Wealth You Deserve

Create More Prosperity In Your Life.

In This Workshop, You Will…

  • Connect With Your Natural Energy,
  • Transcend Your Limiting Beliefs,
  • Build Momentum Towards Your Goals,
  • Attract The Life You Really Want, and
  • Unleash Your Infinite Potential!

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Program Details

5 Steps To Master Your Mood

Module 1: Find Your Point of Attraction

  • Lesson 1:  Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Working With The Law of Attraction
  • Lesson 3: Exercise: Is Lack Holding You Back?
  • Lesson 4: Finding Your Point of Attraction

Module 2: Discover Your Natural Guidance

  • Lesson 5: What is Resonance?
  • Lesson 6: The Key to Intuitive Knowing
  • Lesson 7: Guided Meditation and Thought Exercise
  • Lesson 8: Discovering Your Natural Guidance

Module 3: Manage Your Thoughts

  • Lesson 9: How To Gain Control of Your Thoughts
  • Lesson 10: Example – Moving Thoughts Into Alignment
  • Lesson 11: Exercise: Pick a Thought Every Minute
  • Lesson 12: Managing Your Thoughts

Module 4: Build Unstoppable Momentum

  • Lesson 13: Using Momentum to Overcome Resistance
  • Lesson 14: Echo Affirmation Exercise
  • Lesson 15: The Three Magic Phrases
  • Lesson 16: Building Unstoppable Momentum

Module 5: Get Happy, On Command

  • Lesson 17: Prioritizing Your Own Happiness
  • Lesson 18: Starting a Meditation Habit
  • Lesson 19: Exercise – Stepping Back To Breathe
  • Lesson 20: Exercise – Create a Happy List
  • Lesson 21: Next Steps – Transforming Your Beliefs

About The Instructor

Hi, I’m Kyle Greenfield. I am a meditation leader, energy coach, writer, and spiritual guide. I have been practicing meditation for well over a decade, over which time I have led meditations, lectures, seminars, and retreats in the U.S., South America, and Europe.
My philosophy is simple: get happy, and everything else will work out for you. Meditation is one of many tools that aids in this process. My teaching style combines cutting edge science with ancient spiritual traditions, blending together easy-to-follow exercises from a wide range of disciplines. 

By combining these approaches, I hope to help you experience this remarkable energy for yourself!