The 3 Roadblocks to Manifestation

I’ve been teaching about resonance and The Law of Attraction for years. And, over and over again, I see students struggle with the same 3 obstacles.

And here’s the thing:

These obstacles aren’t real.

They’re limiting beliefs that almost everyone holds…stories we tell ourselves that actually keep us stuck in the world as we see it today, rather than the world as we want it to be.

In this post, I’ll outline each of these 3 roadblocks, and show you how to move past them:

Roadblock 1 – “The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work.”

Roadblock 2 – “I Can’t Manifest.”

Roadblock 3 – “I Could Manifest, If Only…”

Next Steps and Where to Go From Here.

Roadblock #1 - "The Law of Attraction Doesn't Work."

The first hurdle — and one that’s absolutely essential — is that you have to believe The Law of Attraction actually works.

Most people don’t believe this…even people who have studied and practiced The Law of Attraction, still find it somewhat magical…and the don’t quite think it will actually work.

The reason is that most people don’t really understand The Law of Attraction. They hear a pop-sci oversimplified version of it, and think that paying lip-service to positive thoughts will magically bring them what they want. The whole idea behind LOA sounds too good to be true; it sounds fanciful — and, when you think about it in that way, it kinda is.

I definitely used to be in that camp. For years, I wanted to believe in The Law of Attraction, but my logical brain wouldn’t let me…so I studied…and studied…and studied, and one day I realized all these different disciplines of science and spirituality were pointing at the same thing; you can’t “prove” it, but you can demonstrate, so all you have to do is believe long enough to play with the idea, and start demonstrating it for yourself.

That point came for me when I realized that LOA isn’t really about positive thinking.

In fact, The Law of Attraction has almost nothing to do with the thoughts you think.

It has everything to do with the energy you feel.

When we talk about getting into alignment, finding your resonance, or getting into the vortex, we’re talking about learning to tune-in to your natural, inner energy.

It’s not about stopping to meditate and then praying the world bends magically to your will.

It’s about connecting to your inner power, and using that energy to think more clearly, see more opportunities, become more productive, and take better, more inspired action.

Learning how to do this — learning how to connect my thoughts to my feeling of resonance — was the key that made LOA click for me.


Roadblock #2 - "I Can't Manifest."

This brings us to our 2nd roadblock. Even if you believe LOA “could” or “might” work in principle, you might still be held back by a belief that it doesn’t work for you.

Maybe this is because you’ve tried to work with LOA in the past and failed.

Maybe it’s because you don’t think you have what it takes to ‘stick with it’ until the manifestation comes,

Or maybe it’s because you simply don’t know where to begin or what to do to manage your energy and start attracting a more positive and abundant life.

The key to overcoming this hurdle is to build up enough faith — in yourself — to know that you can overcome any false beliefs or setbacks you might stumble into along the way.

It’s about trust. As you trust that LOA works — and that you can work with it — you start to see results. As you see results, your trust increases.

You can create a positive spiral where you start to manifest more and more incredible things.

So how do you do that?

You start with the “little” things.

For me, back in 2016/2017 when I was having rapid, massive breakthroughs across the board, I wasn’t just sitting there waiting for quantum leaps to happen miraculously.

I was spending time practicing LOA. I tried as much as I could to make it a game.

Let me give you an example.

I was in Mexico and one morning after my meditation I decided – kinda randomly – that I was going to play this game of manifestation. And I picked 3 things I wanted to experience. Dolphins, trombones, and puppies.

I didn’t have any strong reason for picking any of these things…other than that I like dolphins and puppies, and I happened to be listening to Tchaikovsky and thinking about trombones a few minutes beforehand.

None of the 3 things really mattered. And, while each was certainly possible, they weren’t a given…or even probable. There aren’t that many trombones lying around small Mexican towns. I’d often see dogs but not puppies, and once in a while I’d catch a glimpse of a dolphin out in the bay.

So I got up, had breakfast, and decided to go for a walk. I wound up walking 2 or 3 miles along the coast, and when I sat down to rest, looking out at the water, there was a pod of 10 or 12 dolphins feeding below me, really close in, maybe only 20 or 30 feet out. 

A few hours later, I was back at home cooking lunch, when I heard some music outside. I opened the window and looked out, and lo and behold, walking down my street was a group of 20 or so high school trombonists. Not the whole marching band, just the trombonists, walking around playing.

I was really laughing at this point.

After lunch, I went – as I often did – to a coffeeshop to work for a few hours. As I was leaving, I wound up taking a different route home than normal, and stumbled onto a street art show. I stopped to look at the art, and a few minutes later, 3 lab puppies sprinted across the plaza (followed by 3 kids trying to catch them). One ran right up to me, so I picked it up, pet it for a moment and then handed it back to its 8 year old keeper.

Less than 10 hours after setting my intention that morning, I’d somehow manifested all 3 of my “little things.”

I could tell you tons of stories about how these “title” manifestations have happened to me, but the point isn’t about the manifestation. It’s about how as I learned how to notice the subtle manifestations, the little synchronicities,  I began to trust more that I really could create anything that I choose. I began to trust that the bigger things would just sort themselves out…and they did.

Now, there’s a secret trick in that process, which is to know how to choose the right manifestations to look for, but I’ll share that in another video. And when you do this right, you can make incredible progress, really, really quickly.

This isn’t just me. I see rapid momentum build with every single one of my students that takes the time to apply the steps I’m about to share with you.

The other day I shared Kathy’s story, about how she went from struggling with anxiety and negative thoughts to feeling in control of her own mind, growing her business, while finding more time for her family and the things that bring her true joy.

There’s ___, who spent years meditating without ever really finding alignment, and in just a few weeks finally learned how to tune-in to her resonance, quiet her mind, and get clear on what she really wanted.

And there’s Martin, who used these teachings to zone-in on his goals at work, become more productive and – ultimately – get the next promotion he was gunning for.

It doesn’t matter what goals you set for yourself. This manifestation works…if you go about it the right way, and use the process I’ll share shortly.

Roadblock #3 - "I Could Manifest, If Only..."

And that brings us to the final obstacle you have to overcome, which is thinking that something “out there” is keeping you from manifesting what you want.

No matter what challenges you’re facing right now, I want you to know that your current circumstances are NOT the problem.

Let that idea sink in for a second.

Your joy, your well-being, your abundance, has very little to do with your current situation.

The reality is: everyone struggles with something. We all have that “Big Problem” we think is stopping us from having what we want.

For me, for a long time, it was my finances. Even after I discovered my resonance, I still had a fundamental conflict: I didn’t like my work. I wanted to start sharing everything I’d learned about meditation, LOA, mindset, etc, but I felt trapped in a business that – though it had picked up – still had debts to pay. I wanted to wake up every day feeling eager and excited, but every time I turned to my work, I felt disheartened. It literally sapped all of my energy every time I sat down to work. I kept thinking: If only I didn’t have these debts, I could wind down the business and start over with what I really wanted to do.

So what did I do? I took a vacation. I drove to Sedona. Went to a meditation retreat. Camped at the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks. When I got home, I couldn’t believe what happened:

  • A client who had been refusing to pay wrote me a check for 6 months back payment
  • Google settled a class action lawsuit that netted me a nice payment
  • A family member gifted me some money unexpectedly,
  • And best of all — 2 friends with eco-retreats — 1 in Hawaii, 1 in Colombia – offered for me to come live with them and start teaching meditation.

The point is: I already had a clear vision of what I wanted. But, when I was in the weeds everyday, I was focusing on the obstacles keeping me from that vision. When I relaxed and stepped back, I let go of that negative resistance, and a path forward opened up for me. I figured out how to get into alignment despite the obstacles, and then the obstacles disappeared.

Next Steps and Where To Go From Here..."

Now, let me ask you a question.

Does the information I’m sharing with you here resonate with you? 

I know I’m throwing a lot at you. I know I can’t teach all of this to you in one blog post.

But, generally speaking…

Does it make sense to you, that if you could learn to connect with a deep feeling of peace, well-being, and fulfillment, that you could then follow this feeling into higher and higher levels of joy?

Does it feel right to you, that if you could solve this one piece – if you could learn how to feel happier, on your terms, that you could use that feeling to think more clearly, take better actions, and start living more in alignment with what you really want?

What would that mean to you?

And, as you think about this, leave aside the question of how for a minute – I can show you the how – and just focus on what it would feel like to live every single day in a state of alignment.

What would it feel like to know you could tune-in to a sense of happiness and joy, anytime you choose?

Does that idea feel good to you?

If it does, the next step is to enroll in our Getting Into The Vortex Workshop.

In it, I teach a simple 5-step process to master The Law of Attraction, and start creating the life you really want to live.

I call them my Simple Secrets for Effortless Manifestation.

Taken together, these secrets combine to form a powerful system you can use to achieve any goal you set for yourself.


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