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We All Have a Little Voice In Our Heads.

This little voice causes us endless headaches…

Every day we let this little voice go unchallenged:

It’s Time To Get Rid Of That Voice, Once and For All.

You Have a Secret Weapon to Fight Back

You Have The Ability To Tune-in To A Powerful, Inner Energy

This natural, inner joy – your resonance – can stop that little voice in its tracks.

You can become a better, higher version of yourself by stepping back, tuning-in, and letting your natural energy guide you towards your most important goals.

Just Follow Along With Our Simple, 3 Step Process

Eliminating That Little Negative Voice Is Easier Than You Think.

Step 1: Identify

The first step to becoming calm, confident, and happy, is to IDENTIFY the feeling of resonance.

When you learn how to stop thinking the thoughts blocking you from it, this natural joy will arise easily and effortlessly from within.

Step 2: Strengthen

As you quiet your mind and clarify the role your thoughts play, you will STRENGTHEN your resonance.

It’s like building a muscle. The more you focus on it, the stronger it becomes, so you can feel centered, anytime, anywhere.

Step 3: Achieve

Your resonance is like a magic wand that will guide you towards anything you choose. 

The third step is to follow this energy, so you can build rapid momentum and ACHIEVE your most important goals, 

What To Expect

Results on Your Schedule. Start from Just 10 Minutes a Day.

Within 30 Days

You will connect with your inner energy and feel a profound sense of peace, joy, and well-being, unlike anything you have experienced.

Within 6 Monhs

You will be able to tune-in to this energy on command, and you will come to rely on it to help guide you through daily life.

Within 1 Year

You will feel calm, confident, and happy. Life will become more effortless, and you will manifest more of what really matters to you.

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Our Results Speak for Themselves

I have to say you are excellent.

I have been using Calm for the past two years and found I was not being drawn into a deeper stillness

You, however, have started the beginning of that for me…You are drawing me into a deeper level.
Mary Gorman
Thank you so much.

I absolutely love your content!

It’s clear you love what you do.
Much love, Karen
Karen Fielding
I am so grateful for this.
Rebecca Zechariah
I've just finished the course. Thank you.

It has changed my life.

I will continue to listen to the meditations daily.
Jennifer Holton
Your course has given me a new perspective on life.

I feel amazing every time I do one of your recordings, and I am already seeing more abundance manifest.
Cristhian Giraldo
I'm nearing the end of your meditation series, which has been amazing for me.

I'm feeling way more grounded and peaceful, less frazzled and less easily poked! So thank you for everything
Joyanne Horscroft
Good morning!

I just wanted to reach out to you to tell you about the joy I am feeling within my heart right now.

I just finished Day 5 (The Abundance of Nature) and it was the most beautiful visualization journey that I have ever experienced.

Thank you so much!
Coral Davidson
Thank you Kyle for your work.

I am really happy with the shifts I have made with the lessons from The Joy Within.

As suggested I will return to them, time and time again.
Love and best wishes Coral
Leslie Gaudet
There is a wealth of infinite love in this work. Thank you kindly for your time, intention, energy, and presence.
Cecilia Siegel
I meditate almost every day but have struggled to feel less anxious and stressed.

You helped me be more present, more passionate, and to find joy, every single day.
Thanks, Kelly
Kelly Pliakas
This course has helped me to clear my mind.

I feel better and am more productive.

I have only just finished and am eager to repeat them once more!
Martin Weiss

You Have To Act Now.

The Cost of Complacency Is Higher Than You Think.

You Cannot Afford To Let Negativity Breed Within You.

The problem with those “unimportant” negative thoughts is that we often don’t notice them until it’s too late.

This could lead to a major crash, like burning out, or falling into a deep depression, but, most of the time, the result is a small, but constant drag on our energy.

  • We don’t sleep as well.
  • We eat and drink too much.
  • We don’t exercise the way we should.

All of these create a spiral of negativity that builds up over time.

But the good news is: you have the ability to take back control.

The biggest fights are always those we have against ourselves.

Nothing kills your time, your productivity, and your mood worse than a constant inner battle.

If you’ve ever felt like you ping-pong back and forth with decisions about what you want, or if you beat yourself up for doing one thing instead of another, this applies to you.

To get a handle on it, first take a minute to reflect on how much time you actually waste fighting these inner battles.

Then, decide,right now that you’ve had enough, and commit to make a lasting, positive change.

You might not realize it, but negative thinking can be expensive.

How much, exactly, can be hard to quantify, but think about this:

Studies show that most people waste 2-3 hours of their workday – that’s more than 30% of their time!

Think about how much more you could earn if you had 3 extra hours each day.

For a back-of-the-napkin idea of what this is worth, take your annual salary and multiply it by 10.

That’s how much you could be leaving on the table during the course of your career.

To stop losing that money, you need to start changing your thoughts, ASAP.

Think about it:

  • What is your family worth to you?
  • What are your friends worth?

They’re priceless.

Why, then, do we spend most of our time not showing up for them in a meaningful way?

When we’re stuck in our own heads, we can’t have real relationships.

If we want to deepen our connection to others, we first have to find peace, joy, and love within ourselves.

Only then will you truly be able to truly be there for the people you love, so you can create bonds that will last a lifetime.

The worst cost of negativity is regret.

It’s the simple, nagging thought:

“What could have been, if only…”

Think about how you’re getting in your own way, the many ways in which negative thoughts are keeping you from living the life you really want.

  • What would you do if you didn’t have a nagging thought that you might fail?
  • Who might you become if you weren’t so concerned what others might think?
  • What could you achieve if you finally felt clear, confident, and capable, every single day?

You have more potential than you know.

It’s time to choose, right now, to let go of whatever it is that’s holding you back from that potential, and to start living up to the person you deserve to be.

Your Future Is Up To YOU.

Are You Going to Let That Annoying Little Voice Stop You 

From Becoming The Person You Deserve To Be?

You Are Just One Thought Away From Becoming Calm, Confident, and Happy.