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Happiness Is A Learned Skill.

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If you are not outrageously happy, boundlessly joyful, and immeasurably fulfilled, every moment of every day, you are living at a fraction of your potential.
Kyle Greenfield
Founder, The Joy Within

If You've Struggled...

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Resonance is The Key to Lasting Positive Change.

It Is NOT Your Fault.

Chances Are, You Were Never Taught How to Raise Your Energy

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But Here's the Good News...

Resonance Is A Learned Skill,

And We Have The Tools To Show You How.

Step 1: Identify The Feeling of Resonance.

Before you can use your resonance, you have to become crystal clear on what it feels like to you.

As you clarify this feeling, by tuning-in to it from different perspectives, you build trust and confidence that joy is available to you, every single day.

Step 2: Strengthen That Feeling Within You.

If you know what resonance feels like, you can train yourself to come back to that feeling, anytime, anywhere.

In this phase, you’ll build an “arsenal” of techniques that are guaranteed to help you find center, on command, no matter what situation you’re facing.

Step 3: Apply It to Achieve Any Goal You Set.

Once you can connect to this energy effortlessly, you can begin to use it to guide your thoughts and actions.

As you do, you gain more control of your mind, life begins to flow more easily for you. and you can build rapid momentum towards any goal you set for yourself.

We Believe...

1. Resonance Is A Choice.

You can learn to be happy through a series of simple habits and exercises.

Chances are, no one ever taught you how to be happy.

Almost everyone struggles with unhappiness on some level. We tend to let the world around us dictate our mood, and we fall into unconscious negative habits and limiting beliefs.

Fortunately, happiness is a skill.

Like any skill, it can be learned.

At The Joy Within, we teach a series of simple, practical exercises that will help you to take control of your own energy and choose joy in any circumstance.


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2. Resonance Is Right Here, Right Now.

You already have everything you need to be happy. Nothing in the external world needs to change.

You have a natural right to joy.

The key unlocking this joy is to understand that – no matter what may be happening around you – you always have the ability to feel happy.

As you shift your perspective and focus on the unending peace within you, you will learn how to tune-in to this joy anytime, anywhere.

With a little practice, you can get happy, on command.

3. Resonance Will Transform Your Life.

When you prioritize your own happiness, life begins to flow more easily for you.

Joy creates prosperity, in any form you can imagine.

When you choose to feel good, every single day, everything in your life will begin to turn in your favor.

You will begin to think more clearly, act more deliberately, and become more productive.

Gradually, you will begin to embody the person you most wish to become, and it will not be long before evidence of your shift appears in the world around you.

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Follow A Clear, Modern Path to Bliss...

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What People Are Saying...

I have to say you are excellent.

I have been using Calm for the past two years and found I was not being drawn into a deeper stillness

You, however, have started the beginning of that for me…You are drawing me into a deeper level.
Mary Gorman
Thank you so much.

I absolutely love your content!

It’s clear you love what you do.
Much love, Karen
Karen Fielding
I am so grateful for this.
Rebecca Zechariah
I've just finished the course. Thank you.

It has changed my life.

I will continue to listen to the meditations daily.
Jennifer Holton
Your course has given me a new perspective on life.

I feel amazing every time I do one of your recordings, and I am already seeing more abundance manifest.
Cristhian Giraldo
I'm nearing the end of your meditation series, which has been amazing for me.

I'm feeling way more grounded and peaceful, less frazzled and less easily poked! So thank you for everything
Joyanne Horscroft
Good morning!

I just wanted to reach out to you to tell you about the joy I am feeling within my heart right now.

I just finished Day 5 (The Abundance of Nature) and it was the most beautiful visualization journey that I have ever experienced.

Thank you so much!
Coral Davidson
Thank you Kyle for your work.

I am really happy with the shifts I have made with the lessons from The Joy Within.

As suggested I will return to them, time and time again.
Love and best wishes Coral
Leslie Gaudet
There is a wealth of infinite love in this work. Thank you kindly for your time, intention, energy, and presence.
Cecilia Siegel
I meditate almost every day but have struggled to feel less anxious and stressed.

You helped me be more present, more passionate, and to find joy, every single day.
Thanks, Kelly
Kelly Pliakas
This course has helped me to clear my mind.

I feel better and am more productive.

I have only just finished and am eager to repeat them once more!
Martin Weiss

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