Create The World You've Always Dreamed

Everything is energy. From the chair you’re sitting in to the thoughts you think, everything you experience exists in a state of vibration.

As you move throughout your day, you emit energy. Everything you do impacts this energy and influences the way in which life unfolds before you.

The key to manifesting anything you desire is to gain control of your vibration. When you do, life unfolds effortlessly before you. In this course, we’ll explore how The Laws of Attraction and Vibration work, and how you can use them to live the life of your dreams.

Next Course Begins October 5, 2019!

Course Syllabus

Manifest The Life You Want To Live

Taught through a series of 12 integrated modules, this course explores the mechanics of how thought creates your reality, and how you can use this knowledge to create abundance in your life.

The Mechanics of Energy

* The Mechanics of Vibration
* Intro to The Law of Attraction
* Thoughts, Beliefs, & Emotions
* Following Your Highest Joy
* What Is Alignment?

Why Joy Creates Prosperity

* Joy Already Is
*The Seeker’s Dilemma
* Recognizing The Now-Moment
* The Art of Appreciation, Part I
* The Art of Appreciation, Part II

The Form of Abundance

* True Abundance
* The Energy of Desire
* Joy For Its Own Sake
* Desire and The Now
* The Experience of Prosperity

Manifestation and Attraction

* The World You Attract
* From Thinking To Becoming
* Attracting Your Desires
* The Momentum of Thought
* Closing The Vibrational Gap

Is Energy.

  • Gain Clarity and Focus on Your Goals,
  • Increase Your Awareness, Presence, and Vitality,
  • Reduce Incessant and Unproductive Thinking,
  • Eliminate Stress, Anxiety, and Depression,
  • Remove Limiting and Negative Beliefs,
  • Gain Control of Your Emotional Responses,
  • Feel Remarkable Peace, Joy, and Bliss,
  • Live a Longer, Healthier, and More Conscious Life.

About The Instructor

Hi, I’m Kyle Greenfield. I am a meditation leader, energy coach, writer, and spiritual guide. I have been practicing meditation for well over a decade, over which time I have led meditations, lectures, seminars, and retreats in the U.S., South America, and Europe.
My philosophy is simple: get happy, and everything else will work out for you. Meditation is one of many tools that aids in this process. My teaching style combines cutting edge science with ancient spiritual traditions, blending together easy-to-follow exercises from a wide range of disciplines. 

By combining these approaches, I hope to help you experience this remarkable energy for yourself!