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Simha Kriya Meditation: Instructions and Benefits of the Pranayama Technique

Below a master yogi, Sadhguru, instructs through video how to perform the practice as well as demonstrations. Watch the full video before attempting to practice this technique. This is a powerful pranayma practice that anyone can do.

What Is Pranayama?

Pranayama is a yogic technique used to directly influence the body, mind, and spirit. Prana is Sanskrit and translates to life force energy. This can be understood as the essence residing within all life that makes it alive.

Ayama translates as to extend. Pranayama is the practice of extending the breath, expanding our lung capacity and mental concentration and purifying our energetic body. Pranayama when practices intentionally it will unite the mental, physical, and spiritual body through the breath.

Anyone can begin practicing pranayama, which is a personal practice focusing on cultivating awareness rather than reaching a certain goal. Click here to begin starting pranayama with a powerful but simple technique, Ujjayi.

Before Beginning

Before beginning, watch the full video below and it is important to note that your stomach should not be too full so that you can reap the full benefits of this practice.

If for some reason you were not able to perform this practice fully and you have been able to do so before, Sadhguru suggests that you should get checked by a professional as this breath can is e a tool to check in on your respiratory system.

This is a warming pranayama technique. Click here to learn the difference between cooling and warming pranayama practices

Medical Precautions

This pranayama yogic technique boosts the immune system, increases lung capacity, purifies the body, and centers the mind.

Sadhguru mentions through the video not to pressure yourself to reach the 21 breaths within the two rounds of breath and that to instead do 12 breaths if 21 is not easily accessible. He also notes that if you cannot hold your breath for one minute then 30 seconds is acceptable.

Pregnant and menstruating women are able to practice this technique and if sitting on the floor is not acceptable even with adjustments and cushions, then find a seat on a chair with your legs crossed at the ankles.

This practice is also accessible to those with asthma, retinal detachment, and lung diseases. It is important to note that those with brain tumors or brain hemorrhage shall restrain themselves to only breathe 12 breaths instead of 21.

Following The Practice

After performing the practice you may wish to sit in silence for a bit. This is a beautiful way to fully integrate and feel the effects of the practice. Wait at least four hours before beginning another round of this practice

Sadhguru suggests to perform the Simha Kriya Pranayama two to three times a day. Before consuming any food or beverages wait at least 15 minutes. Preferably consume something room temperature. It is also noted to not follow this practice with savasana, otherwise known as corpse pose.

Sadhguru Explains How To Do Simha Kriya

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