Category: Empowerment Exercises

3 Visualization Techniques for Success at Any Goal

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools you can use in order to accomplish any goal you set for yourself. The benefits of visualizing your goals have been studied for decades, and researchers are increasingly coming to view it as an essential tool for success. Done correctly, visualization works because it is based on…
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How To Use Convergent and Divergent Focus to Increase Your Awareness

Self-awareness is a game of focus. Through meditation and other breath exercises, we learn how to direct our focus to different areas of the body, different energy centers, and even new sources of light, information, love, and wisdom, by deepening a connection with a Higher Self. Many people think that this focus can only be…
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Positive Affirmation Exercise: Echo Effect

Make Your Affirmations More Effective With This Simple Technique In this video, I share a simple but powerful exercise you can use in order to raise your vibration instantly, create empowering beliefs, and internalize and embody any emotion you choose to feel. The process has a few steps. Write 3 Positive Affirmations for Yourself The…
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