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Why Mental Focus Is Important To Create Lasting Happiness

The ancient yogis sat for hours in meditation while cultivating mental focus by singularly meditating on one object of focus. What was the reason for this? Well, the goal of any meditation is freedom and inner peace. How does this mental focus create lasting happiness?

Mental Focus and Samadhi

Can you imagine all of a sudden being flooded with all the secrets to life? Then all of a sudden they are gone just like they came. With a strong mental focus, you can maintain desired feelings and stick with epiphanies. Learn how meditation can calm the monkey mind here.

This is one of the reasons yogis valued mental focus. They talked about the state of enlightenment with the name Samadhi. This was to reflect the highest state of being that a yogi could maintain while still in the earthly realm.

With strong mental muscles, one is able to stay within Samadhi rather than lose focus by other earthly distractions. This is how mental focus correlates to our ability to maintain lasting happiness.

How To Cultivate Mental Focus

Believe it or not, meditation actually is a great treatment for people with ADD and ADHD. Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder of an extreme inability to focus and concentrate

 Meditation strengthens the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for our organization of thought, planning, decision making, and evaluating the impact of actions. This results in helping one to combat these attention disorders.

This PFC strengthening should also benefit people with depression. A study found that depression causes neuroplasticity within the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, and amygdala. This then brings us to see that meditation can help the brain physically maintain happiness by strengthening the PFC, but also psychologically by cultivating a deeper mental focus.

Meditation and Mental Focus

Meditation has the common goal of focus no matter what technique you are using. Visualizations guide your focus to experience a mental picture fully. This includes sensations, emotions, and physical relaxation effects. Directing your mental focus this way will help you create what you desire through the law of attraction.

Loving-kindness meditations direct your focus onto the viewpoint of unconditional love. This works to eradicate feelings of anger, jealousy, scarcity, envy, and hate. It also makes it easier to let go of negative thoughts or emotions and strengthens the mental muscles that return your focus to peace.

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