What Is The Goal of Meditation?

Guided Meditation: Aims and Objectives of Your Practice

Hello and welcome to The Joy Within. This is Day 2 of Quiet The Mind: An Introduction to Meditation. I’m Kyle Greenfield. You can click here to listen to Day 1: Getting Started with The Breath.

As we begin, take a moment to get comfortable, and draw your attention inwards. Focus on the breath. Begin to find a feeling of centeredness and peace.

Today, we are going to spend time reflecting on the true goal of meditation.

The goal is not to stop thinking…This statement surprises a lot of people. We have a tendency to believe that quieting the mind means you do not allow any thought to enter it. We think that our thoughts block us from experiencing bliss.

Sometimes, this is true, but thought is not really the problem. The problem is our judgment of our thoughts. The conflict we create from them causes our distress.

If you meditate with the aim of stopping your thoughts, then you are setting yourself up for failure, because you are creating a belief that your thoughts are bad.

But, you can’t “not think.” Everything is a thought. If you were to truly stop thinking, you’d be dead.

This means that meditation is not really about your thoughts. And, as we touched on yesterday, it isn’t really about your breath. These are both tools; they are symbols.

The goal of meditation, then, is awareness. The idea is to become aware of your own natural energy, the constant feeling of presence within you. This manifests in different ways for different people, but the common thread is a feeling of joy-bliss-love-light.

As you become aware of this energy, it expands. As you focus on joy, you become more joyful. As you focus on peace, you become more peaceful. As you focus on love, you become more loving.

Meditation is also its own goal. It is both the path and the aim. The trick to internalizing this idea, the way to truly intuit the aim of meditation is, somewhat paradoxically, to release the need for your practice to have any aim at all. When you do not expect anything from your meditations, you give up the idea of doing anything. This gives you the space simply to be.

For now, however, simply bring your awareness back to your breath. Allow your breath to calm you, to center you, to bring you peace.

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