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Benefit Of Meditation: Increase Your Libido

We, of course, can link our mental state and our sex drive when we think of how it can be hard to climax when our minds are chattering away or that we may not be in that mood when we are feeling down.

The act of purifying and focusing the mind through meditation has the ability to increase your libido and possibly intensify the pleasure you experience with it as well.

The Science Behind it

Dr. Herbert Benson, a professor at Harvard Medical School went to Upper Dharamsala, a Himalayan Indian town in 1981 to study the Tibetan monks who practiced tummo meditation. This meditation practice reduces blood pressure, slows the heart rate down, and lowers body temperature.

The monks practiced in about 4 degrees celsius conditions and placed sheets dripping with icy water on their naked bodies. They were able to not only dry the sheets but to make them steam by increasing circulation.

In these conditions, the average human would not be able to stop their body from shivering uncontrollably. Bensen measured the monk’s internal temperature and found the rectal temperature did not change but within the fingertips and toes found an increase of up to 8.3 degrees celsius.

Through meditation, they increased circulation which is necessary for producing an erection or sexual arousal. There have been links to more intense orgasms coming from higher blood circulation in the genitals.

Meditation also relaxes the flight or fight mode response that the bodies sympathetic nervous system uses to protect itself. In ancient times this was to protect oneself or their families from a hungry lion or natural disaster. Now we are triggering this fear response with work deadlines and relationship problems.

One of the stress hormones, cortisol is released when the flight or fight mode is activated. At Rutgers University a study found that regular meditation can reduce cortisol levels up to fifty percent!

The hormone cortisol is used to generate energy in the body and is released in higher dosages in the morning upon awakening. Instable cortisol levels and chronic stress can restrict the bodies blood flow and arteries which can cause erectile dysfunction.

Meditation Practices

Our lives have all originated from an orgasm. This means sex is a natural part of the life force energy that pulsates through us and all living beings. When we clear the chakra system we are also clearing our “qi” or life force energy stemming from traditional Chinese medicine. This can remove emotional and mental blockages that lower our libido. To learn more about clearing the chakra system start at the root chakra by clicking here.

To feel the fullest sensations of an orgasm one already needs to be fully present and in their body. Through basic meditation practices of focusing on your breath, you can begin to anchor your awareness into your body and its sensations. To begin anchoring your awareness into your body through your breath try these pranayama techniques.

Cultivating mindfulness is another way we can become more aware of our bodies sensations and enjoy them. Mindfulness quiets the minds constant need to judge and creates a space of curiosity instead of judgment. Increase your sensitivity to touch through this mindfulness meditation.

Of course, there are also many tantric practices that guide one to explore their sacred sexuality. Although tantra itself is not primarily sexually focused as it can be misrepresented as. It is about the divinity and oneness within every aspect of living and every being.

Tantric practices work to open up the kundalini energy or untapped energy that lies in the base of our spine. Tantra meditation practices can be done singularly or with a partner as well. They involve breath, mindfulness, movement, and sound.

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