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How To Avoid Getting Lost in Suffering – Eckhart Tolle

If you’ve read The Power of Now, you’re probably familiar with Eckhart Tolle’s teachings on the importance of becoming present in the Now-moment. When you are present in the Eternal Now, you are free from all suffering, and can experience an endless sense of joy and bliss.

While that sounds like a worthy aim, is it actually realistic for most people? Suffering is universal, and overcoming it to become present isn’t always an easy task.

In this video, Eckhart shares some of the most important tips you can use about How to Avoid Getting Lost In Suffering, and maintain your sense of lighthearted, joyful presence at all times.

I hope you enjoy.

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Video: Eckhart Tolle on Overoming Suffering

Eckhart begins his explanation of how to avoid suffering around 2 minutes in.

In the video, he explains that the key to overcoming suffering is to remain present at all times. It is normal to move in and out of presence as we move through our lives, but we must always remember to come back to that state. Remembering to find our natural state of presence, every day, is the key to learning how to live at peace with yourself.

This ties directly into the pain-body. When we experience pain (suffering) in the material world, this pain can actually be used as fuel to transcend all suffering. The emotional pain-body wants you to become stuck in it, since that is how suffering perpetuates itself, but simply by becoming aware of the suffering, by observing it fully through the lens of presence, you can release the negative triggers and negative energy patterns it creates. This is how to let go of everything that causes pain through the simple act of increasing your awareness. In this way, you can use suffering to become peaceful.

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