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Ram Dass Starter Kit – Becoming Nobody Outline

Ram Dass created many programs, meditations, and seminars all with a deeply impactful effect on human consciousness. In the Becoming Nobody Starters Kit, which you can find here, Ram Dass guides you through a 5-step process of awakening and learning about the human condition.

The Five Steps Within Becoming Nobody Starter Kit

The steps are within an audio format where Ram Dass guides you through his talks which range from 20 minutes up to 1 hour and are packed full of wisdom. We will provide an outline for them below.

Building A Foundation

The first step Ram Dass leads you through is to become aware of your foundation. He does this by guiding you to look at the way you are viewing your reality. This affects your experience of reality as well as how you feel in it.

To explain further, the item in which you are looking at stays the same while you and the way you view things shift around it. What you are focused on you will tune into and find.

Thus, becoming more aware of your viewpoint and what you are “tuned” into will create clarity into what you are experiencing in life. He offers the perspective of taking a step back to a meditative viewpoint to then view multiple perspectives at once and see-through emotional bias.

Transitioning Onto The Spiritual Path

He explains that a spiritual path doesn’t lead exactly to the originally planned destination. What he means by this is that initially, you’ve begun your spiritual path with a destination imagined through the lens you were looking through at that time.

That lens you began your journey with is one attached to the material world, that identifies with your personality, and was attached to perspectives you have begun to dissolve while on your spiritual path. This means through your spiritual journey your identity will die.

Find Ram Dass’s Ocean of Love Meditation here.

This can be incredibly painful as the goal can become no longer using your spirituality to better your physical life how you thought, but to more fully dive into the spiritual path to create ultimate freedom which requires total surrender.

Approaching Your Spiritual Work In Daily Life

The deep transformations that happen within you are slow, irrevocable, and inevitable. This path of awakening is always of a continuous and ever-growing nature. You do not need to deny your humanity in order to follow your spiritual path.

This means to find total freedom and letting go of resistance involves letting go of deeply attaching and labeling what is not spiritual. Ram Dass reminds us that every step is part of the journey there is no taking a step backward just a new step.

Forcing yourself to form a specific practice still connects you to obligation or attachment. When you are ready to integrate or let go of something it will fall away naturally.


Step number 4 Ram Dass guides you through meditation and the essence of it. He guides you to remember why you are doing it and how you can remove the colored lens of your thoughts and emotions.

This meditation helps you to find a similar state of mind to the zero state, which is a space of neutrality and in touch with the pure essence behind our personality and thoughts.

Introduction To Mantas

The final step number 5 is all about learning what a mantra is and how to use it. Ram Dass explains that mantras are like an anchor no matter where you stray or wander the mantra has an anchoring point you can bring yourself back to.

If you want to dive deeper into the benefits of chanting check out our article here. You can also find our list of mantras and their meanings here so that you can choose one to begin working with and attuning yourself to.

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