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Zero State A Secret To The Law of Attraction

Chances are you have not heard of the zero state of mind. It has not yet become very mainstream among law of attraction blogs or other spiritual resources. So we are here to tell you exactly what it is and how it can serve you! Learn more about the law of attraction here.

What Is Zero State of Mind

The zero state of mind is similar to your mind at baseline. It is total neutrality as it entails a step beyond the highs and lows of the ego that desires and attaches. It is total surrender and acceptance to reality.

This is the place where you can tap into unshakeable inner peace because it is not rooted in peaks or external circumstances. Zero state is our pure state of being behind our personality and all the thoughts, opinions, and emotions it entails.

The zero state of mind is like the place you go in meditation when you are an observer and watcher. It is emptiness where true bliss resides. This energy of emptiness, this zero state is within all forms of matter and all creation.

You can explore this state within meditation. If you are just getting started with meditation check out our article on what to expect from meditation.

How Zero State Works With The Law of Attraction

Since the zero state of mind is unaffected by the ego’s fear then all you are left with is being one with your desires and the energy of all creation. The zero state is behind the ego and is connected to the formless current that is within all life and all creation.

When we tap into this state of mind when working with the law of attraction then we release all the ways in which we are blocking receiving what we desire. The zero state is the baseline where all creation begins.

It is the unmanifested and this essence lies within the form of the manifested as well. This concept is also explained within what Deepak Chopra calls the law of pure potentiality.

The law of pure potentiality is where you tap into the source of all creation. This is the space beyond time, beyond ego, and is intertwined within all life.

You are a part of this essence and through your will and focus you can mold and shape it intentionally rather than unconsciously. This is how working with the law of attraction works.

Though by stepping into the zero state you release barriers you have built against what you are looking to manifest and you naturally will focus more on your joy rather than fears.

How To Tap Into Zero State

There are key points that are necessary in order to attain a zero state of mind. Releasing judgment is one of the most important factors in the zero state. This can be practiced through mindfulness and meditation practices.

The other key point is not identifying with your thoughts in order to take a step back from the emotional charge within them so you can enter a seat of neutrality. You can practice this with Byron Katie’s The Work.

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  1. Pär

    One interesting thing happened two times actually. An evening I started to breath soham. In on so out on ham. I had read a book that said the mantra is not the important thing but what happens between two breaths because there is the peace, bliss etc.
    I sat in the sofa And asked myself what this is. I felt a peace and bliss I never felt before.

    The miracle came when I realised I had won a bigger amount in the lottery. Three weeks later I did the same thing 🙂

    This is how I found the zero state.

  2. Dr Reena Manikandan

    I am a researcher and Trainer in Reiki healing ( Universal energy). According to Mikao Usui the founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho. It is in Zero state we become conduit of Universal energy. When we are mindful or in zero we start to reach mind’s highest potential. This article which is mentioned on. Zero state is very informative. Thank you for sharing

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