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What Are The Benefits of Chanting

I’m sure we all know the stereotypical “OM” at the end of yoga class. It has become mainstream which may mean that we may not even question the reason chanting is included in yoga or meditation. Chanting has many benefits which is why it has had the ability to become so far spread that this alternative practice has become mainstream.

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The Benefits

At Cleveland University, research shows that the melodic and rhythmic tones created when chanting form a soothing effect in the body called the Neuro-linguistic effect [NLE].

Another part of the research shows the increased effect of releasing healing chemicals in the brain when we are intentionally attaching a meaning or understanding to the mantra. This is called the Psycholinguistic effect [PLE].

The University of California, Los Angeles, studied the benefits of yogic chanting by comparing the effects of two groups. Each group had a practice for 12-minutes a day at the same time for 8 weeks.

One group had the practice of kirtan kriya, kundalini yoga chanting. The other group spent their segmented time relaxing to a soothing piece of music.

The yogic chanting group showed positive results that actually doubled the relaxation group. The benefits didn’t just stop there, actually, the kirtan kriya group showed an increase in cognitive function. They also had increased telomerase activity.

Telomeres are the protein caps on the end of each chromosome in your body. During cellular division, telomeres will replicate themselves. Through this process, they will become shorter while the chromosomes divide themselves.

The cell cannot divide and multiply when the telomeres eventually becomes too short. Telomerase is an enzyme that extends the telomeres of chromosomes. Telomeres shortening has been linked to aging and potentially lengthening telomeres can extend our lives.

What Is A Mantra?

Mantras originated in Vedic Sanskrit within India. Mantra translated and broken down from Sanskrit, “man” meaning mind and “tra” which can be understood as to transfer or transport. Connecting these two translations, we can understand a mantra works as a conduit for higher wisdom and profound healing.

A mantra when chanted, spoken or thought can act like a portal and transport the speaker to the healing state the mantra teaches. Mantras should be used repetitively to acquire their fullest teaching. Mantras have the power to rewire subconscious thoughts, habitual patterns, and dissolve limiting beliefs.

To reap the full benefits of a mantra you need to use it intentionally in order to activate the Psycholinguistic effect [PLE]. As well as stick to using it on a regular basis for a prolonged length of time. This will give your mind time to attune to its teaching as well as reprogram limiting beliefs.

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How To Chant?

Chanting is practiced across many traditions and is incredibly prominent in religious traditions as well. In Buddhist traditions, the chants are particularly monotonous and do not follow a melody.

When using a mantra to chant it is important to get the pronunciation correct as the mantra is linked specifically to the sound wave created by it. It is important to also know the meaning behind the mantra you are using as to induce the Psycholinguistic effect [PLE].

It is beneficial to clear the space before beginning your chanting practice. You may choose to create an altar with symbols placed upon it that are sacred to you.

Physically you will tidy up the space by removing clutter or placing fresh flowers on your altar. You can create the ambiance by lighting candles or incense. Come to a comfortable position facing your altar if you have one.

When chanting take notice of the emotions that are being brought up within you. Are you able to guide them to increase feelings of love, joy, gratitude, or peace with each repetition of your mantra?

Through the law of attraction repetitively using a mantra will align you to its healing meaning and attract more of this into your life. This is because you will become more in harmony with the vibration of the mantra, therefore, aligning your frequency to its state of being.

To amplify the law of attraction when chanting becomes emotionally connected to the feeling you are trying to manifest, the love you are devotional chanting to, or the healing you are looking to bring in.

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