Massive Action Plan: Business MAP with Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a successful motivational speaker, famous for his self-help books and seminars that empower people to change their lives. He helps people with relationships, everyday life, addictions, and business.

He has created a format of what we call a MAP massive action plan in order to create a clear business action plan that links an emotional drive behind each of your steps, therefore, creating a more impactful outcome from each of your actions.

Your MAP will look different from others especially depending on what your business is and what your intentions are to create with it. Let’s go ahead and dive into some of Tony’s guiding structure for creating a MAP.

When Do You Use MAP?

The MAP can be used when you are transforming your company, starting a business, navigating a loss, looking to expand, or if you have hit a plateau as well. In order to succeed and bring something into reality, we need to be able to clearly picture it. Click here to learn how to get visualization to work for you.

Connecting To Your Why

Tony Robbins speaks of the importance of knowing the reason why behind what you are doing. This creates intentional direction behind your work and can increase the quality you produce.

Some of the questions Tony uses to guide you in order to solidify a purpose is “How much? by when? and what purpose?”. He then encourages you to write it down to create a clear mental understanding of what your purpose is.

When we connect our emotions to our business plans we are more likely to stick to our steps and do so with a higher attention to detail. In order to visualize our success and feel it in our physiology, we have to get clear on what our goals are.

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How To Answer These Questions?

To give more guidance on how to maximize your results when working with these questions keep reading. First, when uncovering the results you want to see, get specific.

Make sure it is accomplishable and measurable this way you can cultivate a clear and deep understanding of what you really would like to create. This is also so that you can know when you have achieved it.

Next, you can go ahead and dive into why you want to create this result. Tony explains you should have more details behind your reason as to why this will benefit you than simply to increase profits. Include how it will transform your business or impact your life and not simply to make more money.

Involving The Rapid Planning Method

The third question within Tony Robbins MAP can be linked with his RPM or rapid planning method as this will act to deepen and increase your ability to see your results. This will link a deeper sense of connection to your business goals and will create a deeper satisfaction as well.

The questions within the RPM are, “What do I really want? What’s my purpose? and What do I need to do?”. Your value system should be linked to your business as this generates greater clarity in the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

Taking the time to clarify your why is incredibly important and impactful in creating the desired effect on the business you have.

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