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Tony Robbins On How To Mindshift

Tony Robbins has impacted millions of people with his best-selling books and motivational speaking events. He is well known for teaching others how to create lasting change in their lives and helping people get unstuck.

He has written Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement, Money: Master The Game, and Awaken The Giant Within. Learn the top 10 life lessons from Tony Robbins below.

What Is a Mind Shift?

We are not what has happened to us or the story we have been given. We are not defined by it unless we decide to be.

Tony Robbins teaches that what truly matters is what you decide to do with the cards you’ve been given. That it’s more important what you decide to believe about yourself rather than what has happened to you.

He breaks down in easy to comprehend yet effective ways to create lasting change in your life. He teaches how you can take control of your mental state and start living the way you have always wanted to.

Instant Ways To Create A Mindshift

Use Your Body

We have learned our emotions can directly impact our body from research on the negative effects of overproduced stress hormones. Tony Robbins teaches that our bodies will actually directly impact our emotions as well.

When using our physical body such as our breath, posture, or voice we can generate a certain emotional response within us and radically alter our mental state. This has to power to help up mind shift to where we would like to be.

Direct Your Focus

To break down what Tony Robbins means when he says, “energy flows where attention goes” your attention is powerful. Through the law of attraction, you begin attracting more of what you place your focus on.

Our body actually will directly respond to what we place our focus on. Tony Robbins gives the example if you’ve ever had a massive headache or intense pain and something like an important task demanded your full attention and after completing this task you find your pain is completely gone.

The body will follow the focus of the mind and will affect how you feel. It has been proven that our brain actually cannot multi-task, instead, it is rapidly switching back and forth between objects or tasks.

This means our brain cannot take in a picture as a whole and will delete or skip the information it is not able to register.

Then when we decide on our opinion of reality, an experience, or even our capability we believe it to be all-encompassing and accurate when in fact it is only a portion.

With this focus of ours being singular and commonly zoomed in we can begin to use this to our advantage by creating a mind shift from where we place our focus. This, in turn, will generate a result

Decisions Are Your Destiny

When you make the decision to focus on something that makes you happy or to shift your physiology you begin to also shift your destiny. You have the power to shift your mindset out of functioning on autopilot and bring your attention to gratitude.

Tony teaches this power is always in your hands you only have to choose to use it, which you can do in a split second.

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