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Tony Robbins On Creating Lasting Change In Your Life

Tony Robbins has impacted millions of people with his best-selling books and motivational speaking events. He is well known for teaching others how to create lasting change in their lives and helping people get unstuck.

He has written Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement, Money: Master The Game, and Awaken The Giant Within. Learn some of his teachings by reading below.

Change Your Physiology

Tony Robbins teaches the emotional triad psychology. The state of your mind is impacted by your focus, your language, and your physiology. To change your emotions begin to create change within your emotional triad.

When it comes to changing your physiology you can hear him refer to “motion creates emotion”. This means through learning how your body and your emotions are connected you can begin to use this impact consciously.

Simple elements of your body language will impact your mental state such as slumping your shoulders or standing tall. Even the basics of eating right and getting enough sleep directly impact your mental state.

Change Your Mental State

Explained with The Law of Attraction, your focus is a powerful tool. Tony Robbins says, “where focus goes energy flows”, meaning where you simply place your focus more energy will be directed towards it causing it to manifest physically in your life.

Using your focus to be fully present rather than stuck in the past or future, you are more likely to be successful. This is because all of your attention is committed to the current situation at hand.

The second aspect of emotional triad psychology is your focus. To regain your focus you can implement meditation or moving your body to recenter and clear your mind.

Tony Robbins teaches powerful tools on how to change your state and change your life!

Change Your Story

The language you use to paint the picture of the life you are in, directly impacts your emotions. From how you talk to yourself to how you explain situations you’ve been in.

Take notice of how you speak about situations. Do you speak from a victimized point of view? Are you complaining? Are you using more positive or negative words?

Also, take note of the language you use to speak to yourself. Are you impatient or aggressive with yourself? Do you give yourself compassion when you are truly doing your best although struggling in something?

By changing your language you can change your mindset and reprogram your subconscious to a place where abundance thrives. Click here to learn more techniques on how to achieve an abundance mindset.

Change Your Life

Working with the emotional triad pyramid you can impact your emotions and change your story on a physiological level as well. Tony Robbins teaches how to rewrite your story with many tools, such as using delayed gratification to more easily reprogram yourself with healthy habits.

He also teaches surrounding yourself with supportive and optimistic people. If you are struggling to navigate someone negative in your life click here to learn how to deal with them.

Further Learning

To further learn about how to change your life you can get started with this video above or learn how to start your day with a positive attitude, how to change your vibration immediately or learn three visualization techniques for success at any goal.

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