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Top 10 Life Lessons From Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins has impacted millions of people with his best-selling books and motivational speaking events. He is well known for teaching others how to create lasting change in their lives and helping people get unstuck.

He has written Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement, Money: Master The Game, and Awaken The Giant Within. Learn the top 10 life lessons from Tony Robbins below.

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flowers

As explained by the law of attraction, our attention is powerful. It maintains its power to manifest whether we hold an optimistic or negative perspective. By focusing on something you are in a way, placing an order with the universe for more of what you are focusing on.

When you put your mental focus into why you can’t do something or how it can go wrong you create this limiting belief to be even stronger. What direction you place your focus in is the direction you are heading towards. You can not easily move forwards when you are staring at the road behind you.

Using questions to drive your focus is one of the tools Tony teaches. Finding the most prominent question that drives your focus and motivates you will help you stay focused within your goals.

Raise Your Standards

In order to actually live the life of your dreams, you have to dream big. This dreaming big isn’t meant to be seen as a one time thought, but as an entire upraising of your standards.

Tony Robbins says, “You don’t always get your goals, but you always get your standards.” Take this statement to evaluate if your standards for what you accept and the level you create with are a match for the dream life you want to live.

Details Matter

The above quote from Tony Robbins can be explained as the effort you put into the small things will build the foundation for the big things. Take the time to raise your standards as the above advice and apply it to the details.

Progress Leads To Happiness

The only way to reach your goals is to start them. Tony speaks of the necessity of using your time wisely and being “one of the few who do vs the many that talk”.

The fact is many procrastinate starting the steps to their dreams out of feeling overwhelmed or incapable, but the only way you can ever get there is by starting and showing up each day. This brings me to the next life lesson.

The 2mm Rule

Sometimes we can feel incredibly far from reaching a goal or making a long term project “successful”. The 2 mm rule is one that explains you are much closer to the goal than you think.

In fact, some of the most successful changes are not the biggest game-changer moves, but the small 2 mm shifts that instantly manage the effectiveness of something already in motion.


Tony Robbins teaches the power of incantations and says there is a difference between incantations and affirmations. The way he states it affirmations are telling yourself you are happy and financially abundant, whereas incantations are demanding it.

Change Your Mindset

Tony Robbins teaches using emotional triad psychology to master the state of your mind in order to create lasting change. By changing your state of mind you will directly change the way you impact your environment.

Decisions Shape Your Destiny

It is not the life you are given that shapes your destiny, but what you decide to do with it. Shifting your story from a victim mentality of life causing you to suffer, empower yourself by deciding what you would like to do about it. What do you choose to focus on?

Model and Duplicate Success

Take notice of someone who has already achieved the results you want. Begin to model their habits. They are successful for a reason and have found a way to bring to life what you are germinating.

Cultivate Appreciation

Trade your expectations for appreciation by taking the time to really be grateful for the place in your life you are at right now. Gratitude brings more things to be grateful for.

Tony teaches the question, what can I be grateful for right now? Transformation is layered into every aspect of life. Gratefulness will help motivate you to continue towards the path you desire.

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