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30 Positive Affirmations To Calm An Anxious Mind

Anxiety is one of the world’s most common health issues today, affecting about 4% of the global population. When it comes to persistent feelings of worry or fear, affirmations are a strong way to ease our minds and strengthen our self-worth.  Similar to compliments, affirmations are words or phrases used to uplift a person or…
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Seeing His Name Everywhere? Here’s What It Could Mean

You met a guy out and about and now you keep hearing his name everywhere. We’ve all been there.  You’re probably wondering if you’ve gone mad– and I’m here to tell you that you haven’t.  Synchronicity  When the universe sends you a sign, it is usually intentional.  Seeing repeating numbers, or someone’s name consistently is…
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Changing Your Thoughts Can Change Your Whole World

The constant stream of thoughts inside our head creates a lens through which we can see the world. The perspective we cultivate in our heads coats our tastebuds altering any flavor of life we are looking to experience. The realm of our inner dialogue depicts much more than just how we may perceive taste, but…
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