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30 Positive Affirmations To Calm An Anxious Mind

Anxiety is one of the world’s most common health issues today, affecting about 4% of the global population.

When it comes to persistent feelings of worry or fear, affirmations are a strong way to ease our minds and strengthen our self-worth. 

Similar to compliments, affirmations are words or phrases used to uplift a person or shift their mindset to a move positive place. 

They are created by oneself or by another and can be used at specific times or throughout the day to provide lasting effects.

Do They Work?

You’re probably thinking, “If I could just tell myself I’m okay, I would be okay by now. there’s no way this is going to work.” 

But trust me. I’ve seen affirmations work first hard and I’m very confident in their ability to change a person’s perspective. 

While a few positive words aren’t guaranteed to lead you to success; they do have the power to change one’s outlook and set them up for such. 

Thus, I’ve created this list of some of my personal favorite affirmations for anxiety and stress relief. 

They may not magically erase your anxiety, but they can help to counter feelings of emotional distress.

As you go through these, do your best to remember that anxiety is not dangerous. It’s certainly uncomfortable, but it is a passing feeling and you will make it through. 

30 Affirmations To Ease Anxiety 

  1. I am more than my anxiety 
  2. This is anxiety and it soon will pass 
  3. Today, I chose happiness 
  4. This anxiety is only a thought that can be change
  5. The power is in the present moment 
  6. I deserve infinite joy and happiness 
  7. I am ridding of my negative thoughts and emotions 
  8. I do not have to prove myself to anyone 
  9. I forgive myself for my mistakes 
  10. I am never alone
  11. I will focus on one thing at a time 
  12. I am in control of my body 
  13. I am in control of my thoughts, feelings, and life 
  14. I welcome joy and happiness into my life 
  15. The past is the past and it holds no power 
  16. I am strong and I can take on anything 
  17. I chose to react positively to all situations 
  18. My anxiety does not make decisions for me 
  19. I let go of what I can’t change 
  20. I am stronger than these feelings 
  21. There are no mistakes. Only lessons to be learned 
  22. There is beauty in every day and every moment 
  23. This feeling of panic is only temporary 
  24. I am focused on the beauty around me 
  25. I accept that which I cannot change 
  26. Everything is going to be alright 
  27. Tomorrow is a brand new day 
  28. With each breath I take, I am releasing my anxiety 
  29. I am safe and secure in my mind and body 
  30. I am making progress in reducing my anxiety 

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The more you are able to repeat affirmations, the more effective they will be. Chose from one, or a few of these to begin repeating to yourself on a daily basis.

This can be done as soon as you wake up,

At the end of the day, anxiety is real. It can be overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. 

These affirmations are a great way to help yourself. However, there are also times when more help may be needed.

It’s important to remember that that is okay too and these feelings do not always need to be conquered alone. 

If your anxiety becomes too much to handle, you may want to talk to a trusted friend or therapist. 

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