You are currently viewing Deepak Chopra So Hum Meditation: Guided Mantra Meditation for Relaxation and Peace of Mind

Deepak Chopra So Hum Meditation: Guided Mantra Meditation for Relaxation and Peace of Mind

So Hum Mantra Meditation

In this post I wanted to include one of my favorite meditation practices: the so-hum mantra. I think this is one of the easiest mantra to work with. It’s short, simple, and easy to coordinate with the breath. I like to breathe-in to the “So” and breathe-out to the “Hum.” Using this technique creates a nice, easy flow to the breath and allows the mind to relax into the phrase, and away from your other noisy thoughts.

I hope you enjoy.

You can get more recordings to try for yourself and read more about So-Hum Mantra Meditation here.

Why Use Mantras?

In my opinion, mantras are one of the best meditation techniques around. They date back thousands of years and are incorporated into virtually every Eastern meditation philosophy, with many different types of mantras that can be used for different purposes.

When you use a mantra, the idea is to focus on a single thought or phrase that you repeat consistently throughout the meditation. In most cases, these mantras fall into a few common categories, and most of the traditional mantras are performed in Sanskrit.

By using the traditional Sanskrit words and/or common mantra-sounds (such as So-Hum or Om), you engage the positive, peaceful energy that has been placed into these sounds over thousands of years of practice, encompassing millions of people. This common intention placed into the sound gives the energy of that sound power, according to traditional Eastern texts.

Even aside from this energy, the act of focusing on any repeated word or phrase gives your mind something on which to directs its attention throughout the meditation, allowing the constant stream of thought that normally occupies the mind to subside. This process gives the effect of feeling at peace and more relaxed.

Using a mantra, then, helps to “quiet the mind” by creating a specific phrase for it to direct its focus.

About Deepak Chopra

Although this meditation isn’t guided by Deepak Chopra himself, it is published by the Chopra Center.

Deepak Chopra is a preeminent author and spiritual leader. Formerly a medical doctor, Chopra has a knack for balancing Eastern spiritual and meditation practices with Western medical science. He is a strong proponent of the numerous health benefits of meditation, and is one of the leading personalities that has popularized meditation in the West.

He is the author of numerous books, including The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Quantum Healing,  The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, Perfect Health, Boundless Energy, The Healing Self, and many others.

You can read more about Deepak Chopra here.

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