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Meditation Boosts GABA Neurotransmitter

It is a wish many of us have to do nothing and somehow reap great benefits, but the truth is we can do this. Our bodies naturally heal themselves and when we take the time to meditate we can access profound impacts. Meditation can clear the mind and boost GABA, but what really are the effects of boosting GABA?

To begin getting started with meditation learn common experiences and sensations.

What Does The Neurotransmitter GABA Do?

First, a neurotransmitter is a chemical that our brain naturally creates and uses to send messages to other regions of the brain. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid is an inhibitory neurotransmitter and can block or impede neural signals. Specifically, it works to soothe and help neurons recover after firing. This, in turn, can decrease the effects of anxiety and stress.

Some scientists and researchers consider an imbalance of not enough GABA in the brain is linked to addiction.

Although there have not yet been studies performed to find if this is a cause of addiction or a result of it. Either way, increasing GABA will help to treat addiction.

This is by either treating addiction as a mental and chemical imbalance or by “resetting” the balance of the brain to the state it was in before it was addicted which then makes it easier to break addictions.

GABA is also well known for the calming effect it can create. This is because GABA attaches itself to the GABA neuroreceptor and then floods the calming response throughout the body.

Science and GABA

A study compared a one-hour session of meditation to a one-hour session of watching television. The results showed a significant increase in GABA (GABAergic inhibitory interneurons) in comparison to those of the nonmeditators.

GABA has been used as a supplement for treating anxiety and its calming effect. Gaba is not naturally in many foods. Although it does appear in fermented ones, such as kimchi, miso, and tempeh.

How Can You Boost Your GABA?

It is well known many meditators express they feel much calmer after meditating. This can also be due to the effect of boosting their GABA levels not simply from the mental vacation they just took.

Next time you are feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed you can try out meditating with the mantra Om Aieem Namah. This manta works to open up the channels of your being in order for your inner wisdom to shine through.

You can enter a meditative state by working with Pranayama also known as breathing techniques such as Nadi Shodhana, Ujjayi breath, or learn how to practice this in the workplace.

Mindfulness can be understood as a sort of living meditation. It is nonjudgment and simply perceiving without attaching a label. It allows one to not only be fully present but to become aware of all the enjoyment that surrounds them. Try these five mindfulness exercises for the five senses.

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