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Can Meditation Help You Solve Problems At Work? Here’s How

Many people view the corporate workplace and meditation at exact opposite ends of the spectrum.

When problems at work arise we may not think that implementing meditation will be a key to finding solutions. But there is a strong case that a consistent meditation practice can help relieve the fast-paced pressure of work.

That means that – whatever your profession – meditation can be a key skill that will help you solve problems, reduce stress, and lead a more productive, happier job experience.

Why Meditation is Important in the Workplace: Key Benefits

Meditation Improves Brain Function

When problems arise our brains need all the help it can get to function at its maximum potential. This is because the state of our mind directly correlates to our ability of cognitive processing, memory, emotional regulation, and concentration.

Meditation has been proven to not only rewire the brain to decrease anxiety but to actually cause it to grow bigger! Mindfulness meditation practices have been shown to increase grey-matter within the hippocampus which is commonly related to learning and memory function.

It has also been shown to reduce the grey matter within the amygdala which is commonly associated with the role it plays in correlation to anxiety, stress, and triggering the flight or fight mode.

Meditation Reduces Stress

There are now countless studies that show how meditation is an essential skill to learn if you want to reduce stress over the long term.

This is because most stress comes not just from the external factor – the details of what’s going on at work or the upcoming deadline you have to hit – but from your internal response to those factors.

By training your mind to step back and relax, you can eliminate the negative stories you tell yourself everyday, creating a happier and healthier (and less stressed) environment for everyone involved.

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Meditation Increases Clarity and Objectivity

Let’s face it when our emotional bodies become activated our problem-solving skills immediately begin to decline. In fact when we become frustrated or angry our impulsivity increases.

Although this is great to channel into working out, it isn’t the best for solving problems in the workplace. Meditation can greatly reduce anger. This is due to the way it affects our ways of thinking as well as our physiology.

Objectivity is necessary to be able to see through one’s emotional bias that can be clouding solutions. An open mind is one of the most beneficial tools in the workplace. Of course, through meditation one clears their mind of outdated beliefs and discards excess information.

Though meditation also creates adaptability within both the cognitive functioning and emotional body. This is important for getting along with coworkers, quickly learning, and fixing existing problems.

Meditation Helps with Attention To Detail

Have you ever been working on a project and find that you are missing one small final piece? This is where your awareness and attention to detail otherwise known as mindfulness comes in.

Mindfulness is a meditation practice where the practitioner remains objective while expanding their awareness to encompass their surroundings. It can also be a meditative approach to daily life. Find a guided mindfulness meditation here.

Present awareness activates one’s ability to perform tasks to their highest capacity. When our ability to notice the intricate details increases we are able to stop eventual problems from slipping through the crack as well. This means mindfulness works as not only a solution to problems but a prevention to them as well.

Meditation Exercises You Can Perform At Work

The impact of daily meditation practice is sure to help you solve problems at work. Though sometimes we need to return to a meditative state throughout the day. This can work to increase our energy levels, de-stress, or even boost creativity.

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