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Try Out These 3 Visualization Mindfulness Exercises

Exploring the mind creates greats insights that continue to affect the rest of your life. This is because when you shift your thoughts your entire world beings to change. Through mindfulness exercises, you can look into the functionality of your mind and perception.

What Is Mindfulness

One of the best ways to self-reflect and study your internal lens is through mindfulness. Mindfulness helps you expand your awareness so that you can begin to perceive that which you have been desensitized from perceiving.

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of your surroundings without labeling them or beginning habitual tendencies of interacting. This removes an entire blanket of assumption from that which you are perceiving.

This helps you get in touch with the deeper truth to what you are witnessing rather than bringing you through another round of preformed comprehension. In a way, mindfulness is opening your eyes to perceive clearly by removing the cloudiness of bias.

Visualization Exercises

When we strengthen our ability to visualize we also strengthen our ability to use this for manifestation as well. When we can clearly picture our desires then they are able to formulate into our reality more easily.

Happy Place

This exercise is one of the easier and most common practices out there. You can practice in both quiet as well as distracting places to witness how your mind works in both experiences.

You can choose the beach, the woods, a specific place, or even a childhood home. Wherever you choose this exercise is to visualize yourself there fully present. When you arrive see how many details you can notice.

If you are at the beach are there seashells in the sand? In the woods what shapes are the leaves? At your childhood home can you begin to count the tiles on the floor?

This allows you to practice formulating details into your visualization. If you find this difficult allow yourself to relax and to continue to practice. It will become clearer and easier over time.

Chakra Visualization

This one can be done in multiple ways. You can go through the entire chakra system starting at the root chakra which is located at the base of the spine and visualize its color emanating there. Then continue to go up the entire chakra system following each chakra doing this.

When you do this practice visualize each color bright and vibrant in the chakra’s physical location in your body which will also bring healing into that chakra. Another way to do so is to go throughout each chakra’s colors and to visualize each color taking over your body.

The practice begins by taking notice of how you feel in each chakra color you “try on”. The sensation and feelings you notice can also let you know about the state that chakra is in. Learn more about the chakras and their colors are here.


This visual mindfulness technique helps you actually strengthen your memory too! This technique involves visualizing how you started your day. Can you even visualize the way you rolled out of bed this morning?

Can you picture yourself placing your feet on the ground as you stepped out of bed? Can you see what you had for breakfast? You can decide how far you want to take this practice into the day and any key moments you want to rewatch.

Continue Learning

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