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5 Exercises To Open Your Third Eye Chakra: Ajna Healing

The energy centers within our bodies, chakras, are what allow life force energy to flow through us bringing us new beginnings, health, and life itself. When one of these chakras becomes blocked it stagnates the entire movement of our lifeforce energy through us.

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The Third Eye Chakra Ajna

Associated with the color indigo, the third eye chakra is responsible for deciphering the truth and seeing beyond illusions. It bridges our logical mind and our intuitive mind.

This energy center is represented as a third eye which symbolically represents its function as our sixth chakra holding our sixth sense. It also correlates to extrasensory perception such as clairvoyance. Learn how meditation can help you increase your intuition here.

Ajna is located between the eyebrows in the center of our forehead. It is associated physically with the pineal gland, brain, eyes, and pituitary gland. It holds our ability to read between the lines, transcend the ego, and our ability to self-reflect.

When opening the third eye chakra it increases mental capacity, offers clear self-reflection, and taps you into your intuition. To learn what emotions cause the third eye to be blocked click here.

5 Techniques To Heal The Third Eye Chakra

1. Massage

Yes, massaging the third eye can help it open, remove blockages, and increase its function. Though to perform a third eye chakra massage the most important aspect is intention.

Massaging with intention and following your intuition is key to activating this intuitive center. Learn how to perform a third eye chakra massage here. You can play with different pressures and speeds to see what feels best to you.

2. Visualization

Visualization activates the internal mind and uses the imagination as well in order to depict everything clearly. This stimulates the third eye directly and helps bring healing into it.

Neville Goddard teaches how understanding the imagination helps us understand the way the nature of the universe works and how to use it to manifest your desires. You can learn more about visualization and the imagination in the free PDF download of his book Awakened Imagination here.

3. Strengthening Clairvoyance

Since our sixth chakra, the third eye, is symbolically linked to our sixth sense, practicing clairvoyance is one way we can begin activating and healing this energy center. One way to do this is by learning how to see the human aura.

The human aura is our electromagnetic energy field. This energy field is held throughout the human body and radiates outward about two to three feet from it. Our emotions, mental state, and physical health depict the color, shape, and brightness of them.

Here you can follow our guide on how beginners can start to see auras.

4. Affirmations

Working with third eye chakra affirmations repetitively will begin to rewire your subconscious mind to align itself to the belief systems of a healthy third eye chakra. These will also work to prime you energetically to end damaging behavior or self-sabotaging patterns.

Especially through claiming yourself as what you desire you are then choosing an identity that nourishes you. By changing your beliefs through affirmations you are working with the law of attraction.

5. Journaling

Diving into the emotions and beliefs you have surrounding the third eye chakras territory can create healing immediately within the chakra. Through journal prompts for the third eye chakra you will be able to uncover and process emotions that may have been causing stagnation.

This technique is own of self-discovery and thought inquiry. It is extremely effective when you are ready to put in deep work to clear out your third eye chakra energy center.

The Seven Chakra System

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