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The One Belief That Makes Inner Growth Possible

Hello and welcome back to The Joy Within podcast. Today, I want to talk about what I think, fundamentally, is one of the most important beliefs you can develop if you want to experience a higher degree of joy in your life.

I think that if you have this belief, everything else will start to flow more easily for you, and it will become much, much easier for you to become calm, confident, and happy, every single day. So, are you ready?

It’s really simple: Joy is.

That’s it. You’ll also hear me say that Joy simple, profoundly is, and I would encourage you – after you finish listening today – to take some time to meditate on this idea. Give it time to sink in. Use it as a little mini-mantra for a few days, and see how this one simple idea will change and evolve within you.

Because, ultimately, you have to internalize it for it to have any real impact: Joy is. Joy simply, profoundly is…All I can really do is give you some pointers, some ideas, that will hopefully trigger a new level of awareness within you. You have to gift yourself the space to let that shift happen.

So, that said, there are a few aspects of this belief I want to dissect and clarify a bit. The first is that I don’t just mean that, generally, you have the ability to be happy. I’m not talking about it as some vague possibility or choice you might make from time to time. I’m talking about Joy as a fact, an absolute. It is something that is present, all of the time — even when you do not feel connected to it. Even when you are at your most miserable, your most intense negative state, joy is. It is a fact, in the same way that gravity is a fact. It just is. Joy simply, profoundly is.

Now I know – for a lot of you – this might not make a lot of sense. And, if that’s the case I want you to step back a minute and stop thinking about this joy as an emotion. Don’t think of it as something you may or may not have, or something you’re striving towards. Because when I’m talking about Joy in this context, I’m not talking about it as an emotion. It has nothing to do with your ability to be happy, right now. I’m talking about joy as an energy. And, to make this distinction, I often call it joy-bliss-love-light. It’s not your emotion. Your emotions represent your ability to connect, to tune-in, to this joy-bliss-love-light energy.

This is a really important distinction, because when I say that Joy is, I mean it in a much deeper, more profound sense than most people think. The energy of joy is the very fabric of existence. It permeates everything. It is flowing constantly through you and around you — and, quite literally you are comprised of it. You are joy. It’s kinda like you’re out swimming in the middle of the ocean. Water is everywhere around you, constantly flowing past you, and, at the same time, your body is made up of water. You are completely immersed. Imagine that sense, and then multiply it exponentially. That’s the power of this energy.

Now, this idea is not new. Almost every civilization and culture has acknowledged the existence of a single, unifying field of energy. In Western philosophy, we can see it as early as the works of Aristotle and Plato. In religion, it dates back even farther. And the contemporary sciences confirm it as well. Ultimately, fundamentally, everything that exists simply, profoundly is, in one single, intricate field. We just talk about this field in different ways, depending on our own beliefs, backgrounds, and upbringings: you might say God, Brahman, Truth, energy, information, or consciousness. The word you choose doesn’t really matter.

What matters is how you perceive. How often you step back and tune-in to this joy. Because the more often you do that – the better you get at feeling into your inner, natural energy – the more radically your life will transform. Knowing this, is the key to lasting positive change, in any area of your life.

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