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3 Law of Attraction Games For You To Strengthen Your Magnetism

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner of the law of attraction these games will allow you to sink into a deeper connection to yourself and the universe. The best part is the more fun you have the more you are doing it right.

The Benefits of Law of Attraction Games

When we understand the pure potency within the law of attraction we may naturally begin to attach expectations onto how we can work with it. We may even block our desires from manifesting because of the restriction we place on our desires when attachment and expectation get involved.

One way to release the pressure and allow ease to come back into our approach is through law of attraction games. By clearing the energy field through releasing any emotional buildup around how we manifest, we can strengthen the magnetism of our energy field.

Joy and happiness are the strongest manifesters. What better way to step back into your personal power than through play!

Sharpen Your Sight

Through this game, you will enhance your visualization skills, practice manifestation without attachment, and connect your sensual perceptions as conductors to manifestation.

  • Choose an item or animal that you associate with happiness. The point of focus should be in the middle ground of rare and predictable.
  • Next, spend five minutes’ connection to this object of focus in your mind’s eye. Use all of your senses that you can. What does it make you feel when you see it? What does it feel like against your skin? How does it make you feel when you smell it? Or maybe even taste it?
  • You can choose to practice this once a day for three days or even a week. Set aside at least five minutes to visualize this object and if it presents itself again mentally you may decide to bring the full vision of this object into your mind space.
  • Attach no other expectations to this object other than the visualization of it
  • Practice mindfulness and keep your eyes peeled as you will come across this object in some form whether, on someone’s shirt, a bumper sticker, or a stranger speaks about it in conversation.

You can practice these mindfulness exercises to increase your awareness and boost your ability to practice this game.

Star In Your Roll

This game helps you cultivate all the beautiful and juicy emotions that swell up in your heart when you are living the life of your dreams. An important note to this game is to accumulate the feelings of as if this were actually happening.

This means while stating I have a million dollars you do not feel a slight pang of disappointment for where you currently are. When you intertwine feelings of jealousy, disappointment, still being hungry for it, or an undercurrent of doubt then you are not truly a match for this.

The trick with manifesting with emotions is to align yourself with the reality or visualization of this desire as your truth. If you are picturing yourself with a million dollars while partially feeling it is too good to be true then you are partially blocking this reality.

  • To begin this game grab a pen, paper, and anything else to make you feel pleasurable.
  • You can play this game in two different ways and we suggest you do practice both on separate occasions. In both, you will be the star of your own movie.
  • In the first practice write out something smaller you desire, maybe just a visual scenario you would fully enjoy living out. Write it out in past tense as if it has already happened
  • Write the details, include sensations, and you paint this picture on paper allow feelings of pleasure to circulate through you. Write this with the same essence as a love note. You do not need fancy vocabulary the most important aspect is to write in a way that sparks the most blissful feelings.
  • The plot can be anywhere from how you view your body, receiving a free cup of coffee, what your house looks like, a wonderful connection with a friend, accomplishing a creative pursuit, or finding a great hidden opportunity.
  • The second approach is to dream bigger. Write out a bigger vision of yours and include all the layers of success and luxury that you are the most passionate about. Again, write it in the past tense as it has already happened.

Your words are powerful, maybe more so than you know. When reading yourself your scripts read them out loud in order to activate the power of spoken word.

Get Creative With It

You may have heard of these before and you may attach a frivolous connotation to it, but we assure you the reason it has become mainstream is because of its ability to work. What we are talking about is vision boards!

Teenage girls commonly create them at sleepovers, but so do people we would commonly label as successful such as Oprah, Tony Robbins, Beyonce, Will Smith, and Ellen DeGeneres.

  • How to get started you can go the traditional route with glue, tap, or thumbtacks on a poster board or a corkboard. You can cut out images from a magazine or print specific ones off online.
  • Choose images that you feel an emotional spark with. These images should create feelings of excitement within you.
  • You may wish to attach a couple of pictures of what you have already manifested in order to remind yourself of your pure manifesting potential

The whole goal with the vision board is to see a visual representation of your desires and become stimulated with seeing the first physical manifestation of them. Place your vision board somewhere that you will catch sight of it frequently.

You may even wish to create a small digital colleague or set your phone background to something you are would like to be a vibrational match to. Through this more constant exposure to your desires, you will become more of a vibrational match for it to manifest into your physical reality.

Continue Manifesting

To continue learning how to assemble the life you desire to learn how to write a manifestation list in six easy steps by clicking here.

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