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Create A Mood Board To Work With The Law Of Attraction

When working with the law of attraction the more you can clearly see yourself achieving the goal you want, the stronger your magnetism for it becomes. This is because when you see yourself achieving it you align your frequency into one that is harmonious to that goal frequency.

Brief Explanation of The Law of Attraction

You might wonder just how crafting a mood board can lead you to somehow attracting more and more joy into your life. Although some parts of our brain can be skeptical, label things as frivolous, or even too easy, but no one said life has to be hard!

The more you consciously direct your attention and emotions the more you will come to see the potency that resides within them. The law of attraction is the way in which we create our own reality.

Quantum physicists explain how everything in the world is made up of energy. The particles vibrate at different frequencies which create what we perceive as our physical world

Our belief system, our emotions, and our words are all energy as well. We attract what we are in a sense. No matter how many times we say I am abundant, if we focus on lacking money, believing making money is hard and possibly feeling disappointed at our funds then do not match that reality.

This is where exercises such as crafting a mood board become more powerful through the enjoyment you can derive from it. The same goes for the law of attraction games.

Connecting Mood Boards and The Law Of Attraction

One specific and beneficial understanding to the law of attraction is to not limit what it is you are calling in. By placing specific expectations onto what it is you are focusing upon you can also block it.

The universe has a beautiful way of bringing to you exactly what you need. There is a nourishing aspect within when we are able to surrender our wants and desires to the universes higher perspective.

It is important to trust the universe will manifest your dreams in a way that will be even better than you could have imagined it. This increases not only the power within the law of attraction to work, but it creates more inner peace within you.

Even if we do not know the specifics behind what we desire we can surely identify the emotions we want to feel more of. If you focus on and anchor yourself to feelings of joy or gratitude then you are causing yourself to be a vibrational match to all that exists on the same frequency as joy and gratitude.

This is why mood boards that inspire a certain mood or frequency are incredibly impactful to work with the law of attraction. They can take the strain out of the specifics of a vision board, which is a bit more specified and centered around goals.

Mood boards also follow the important technique of not limiting the route your dreams can be delivered to you. Amplifying the moods you want to feel more of with mood boards are a gamechanger!

How To Create A Mood Board?

A mood board differs from a vision board slightly. The difference is it inspires feelings rather than a specific goal or goals. Both are meant to stimulate inspiration, visualizations, and of course, align you to fully welcome your desires through the law of attraction.

Click here to learn more about visualization. Our visualizations stimulate a stronger emotional response. Abraham Hicks says, “emotions are energy in motion”. Therefore, to cultivate more of what we desire we need to be in the emotions of what we desire.

So let’s get into crafting a delicious mood board! You can go the traditional route with glue, tap, or thumbtacks on either a poster board or a corkboard. You may cut out images from a magazine or print specific ones off online.

Make sure to choose images that you feel an emotional spark with. These images should create the feelings of bliss, excitement, or pride within you. Really they should stimulate the feelings you are looking to feel more of.

You may wish to attach a couple of pictures of what you have already manifested in order to spark the feelings of a satisfying manifestation. Another way you can practice a mood board is by creating one for your phone or computer lock screen.

This goes hand in hand with the last step of creating a vision board, which is place it somewhere you can see it often

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