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Learn To Manifest with Gratitude Exercises The Law of Attraction Practices

Gratitude, similar to happiness, cannot decrease by being shared. Cultivating daily or regular gratitude practices will help you begin working with the law of attraction in a powerful way. Below we will explain all about it as well as give you some new exercises to try out.

Understanding The Law of Attraction

You may be wondering what this law increasing numbers of people are talking about really is. Often times it is said in the same sentence with manifest your dreams, a lover, more money etc.

Well, the law of attraction is the basis that you are the creator of your own reality. This is due to you what you focus on, think, and feel all adjust the vibration and frequency of your being.

Quantum physicists have found that everything is made up of energy and tiny vibrating particles. Thus what is within a harmonious range of your energy’s frequency will manifest and be drawn towards you.

Continue learning about the law of attraction here.

Now, you may be wondering just exactly how this goes hand in hand with gratitude. Well, the law of attraction attracts what you truly are rather than what you temporarily tell yourself you are feeling.

When cultivating more feelings of gratefulness this brings you to be a match for exactly what makes you grateful. Therefore, the more pure gratitude you feel the more that you become a match to the things that make you feel pure gratitude, which then causes them to be attracted to you.

Gratitude Exercises

These practices below will help you tap into a state of gratitude and help you manifest more joy into your life. Gratitude is always accessible and it will radically amplify itself in your life. You may enjoy this guided evening meditation by Louise Hay for cultivating gratitude.

Gratitude Journaling

First and foremost, the famous gratitude journaling. By taking the time to write out what you are grateful for you tap into the emotion of gratitude. You also begin to create the first physical manifestation of your gratitude by putting it on paper.

There are countless ways to journal gratitude, here we have a gratitude journal template you can follow.

Challenge Yourself

This one is a fun exercise, whenever you find yourself struggling or thinking negative thoughts, come up with 3 things to be grateful for. There are always things to be grateful for and through this shift you are able to make an energetic and mental shift to a more pleasurable state.

The real challenge in this practice is to actually feel gratitude when you go through your list. That means not just mentally saying I am grateful for breathing clean air, but basking in the gratitude for clean air.

Maybe even close your eyes and take 5 deep mindful breaths and focusing on every delicious sensation of breathing clean air. This level of mindfulness is also a meditation technique.

Rewrite Your Story

This manifestation technique is taught by Neville Goddard, a famous law of attraction teacher who published his work in the mid-1900s. This technique involves sealing the end of your day with tapping into gratitude, but with a little bit of a twist.

When you lay in bed at night after your day, mentally go through moments that did not settle the way you wished them to be. Maybe you missed seeing the sunset you were driving to because you got stuck in traffic.

Rewrite the experience in your head using every detail of your imagination to imagine it. For example, imagine you made it to the sunset, the way the air smelled as it set, the colors of the sky, and even getting back in your car after it was over.

Allow yourself to feel gratitude for this experience. This brings your energy field to be a vibrational match to the reality you crave through adjusting your emotional body to feel grateful. Learn more about visualization here.

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