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Can You Lose Weight With The Law of Attraction?

Are you looking to transform your body and drop dead weight? No matter what external routine you implement whether working out or changing your eating habits, the law of attraction is a force you should be working with consciously.

We Are Creators of Our Bodies

It is common knowledge that our emotions affect our body language. Would it be so hard to believe that our emotions can have a deeper effect than just our body positioning?

According to Louise Hay’s teachings, our emotions are the root cause of disease manifesting within our bodies. She wrote the book, You Can Heal Your Life which goes to explain how we think manifests in our entire lives.

Louise Hay was able to heal her own cervical cancer that was labeled “incurable”. This begins to explain how we think and how we feel affects the physical state, wellbeing, and structure of our bodies.

American Journal of Epidemiology published a study in 2009 that proved both women and men have a higher weight when they rank higher on a score for anger, which continues to prove that emotions are stored within the body.

Emotions and Manifestation

The main ingredient of coloring your reality is your emotions. They hold the truth about your belief system within them. You may think positive thoughts, but when your underlying feels do not match then you are not manifesting the surface level positivity you may get caught up in.

For example, when you are thinking a thought about how someone likes you, yet beneath that, you feel unworthiness. Then you are not fully believing the surface level thought of you being liked.

Through this scenario, you are sending out feeling unworthy and undeserving of that experience rather than attracting more of that experience. The same goes for how you focus on your weight.

Learn how meditation helps you lose weight.

You need to feel confident in your body as if your body was in the state you desired. This creates a ripple effect on many things. First, it clears out excess emotions stored in the body which creates excess weight.

Second, this begins to bring you into harmony with living the life you desired with the weight you desire. It brings you into a space where you are living the lifestyle you would live at your desired weight, which will amplify your ability to manifest your desired weight as well as stay more easily committed to your goals.

How To Lose Weight With The Law of Attraction

First, begin working with your emotions. Ask yourself why you really want to lose weight and what the desired emotional state is behind that. Then take steps to initiate feeling like that presently.

You can use affirmations with Louise Hay’s mirror work technique, visualizations, and of course, remind yourself to stay tapped into the desired state throughout your day.

It is important to release built-up disappointment, self-judgment, and frustration around wanting to change your body. This allows changes to come more easily and to be maintained.

Use Meditation As A Weight Loss Tool

Since our emotions guide us to eat, what we eat, and even what we manifest in our life cleaning out emotional blockages and stagnant beliefs will help us get to where we desire. If you are ready, try this free 30-day meditation challenge to support you in your journey.

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