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Mind Over Matter Techniques: 3 Tools To Step Into Your Mental Power

We all face challenges and have to tap into our inner reservoir of strength in order to confront them. Practicing mindfulness may be able to make your inner reservoir larger and more potent.

This will work to empower you to impact your life the way you want to rather than being a victim to it. With more mental strength you can remain focused upon the reality you want to live and amplify your manifestation abilities.

Benefits Of Mind Over Matter

Have you ever witnessed first handed how we as children learn to label things good or bad? For instance, a child may fall hard and not react, but when they see an adult gasping and running to comfort them and then learn they should not feel okay.

This is the capability of the mind in action. When we believe something we are able to change even our physiological response to it. Working with mind over matter techniques can strengthen your ability to shift the mind to a more joyful state.

Byron Katie says we are either questioning our thoughts or believing them. When we believe a negative thought we suffer and when we question it and choose not to believe it through mind over matter, then we do not suffer.

When we are able to change our thinking we change our behavior, the outcome, how we feel, as well as shift our frequency. This then shifts our external world through the law of attraction.

Mind Over Matter Practices


This yogic meditation practice uses the form of anchoring the attention on the breath in order to strengthen our mental discipline muscles. The goal is to extend the breath, therefore extending your life force energy and releasing blockages.

To retain and anchor a state of mind through your own will power is the demonstration of mind over matter in action. Using pranayama to strengthen your mind over matter skillset can be done primarily by maintaining continuous focus upon the breath without becoming distracted.

Try these calming pranayama techniques.


Yes, you read that right. This practice is fun for all ages! The sensation of tickling is all in the mind just try to tickle yourself and see (most people cannot). This means through practice we can exert our willpower to not be tickled.

You can focus on the breath to calm the nervous system and shift the way you perceive the sensation. Examine the sensation from a position of a curious observer. Do not label it mentally as feeling ticklish but instead a strong sensation.

Find a guided mindfulness meditation to increase your awareness of your sense of touch.


Remaining mindful and present throughout daily life or routines is one of the most rewarding mind over matter techniques. This provides you with the ability to find enjoyment in even the most seemingly mundane tasks.

You can practice mindfulness by going for a walk mindfulness practice or even by doing something routine and seeing how many details you can notice about it. When walking pay attention to the pressure in your feet, the sound of your shoes, the smells, and stay present.

Do not allow your mind to shift to the future or slip into the past. This allows your full sensation to be activated and requires you to use mind over matter to anchor it here.

This goes for participating in a mundane task as well. See how many details of it you can notice that you might normally groan through. When washing the dishes notice the sound the water makes, how it runs across your hands, the sensation of the dishes, even the muscles you use to wash them.

Learn how to use mindfulness to increase your awareness here.

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