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Guided Meditation for Stillness of Mind

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Guided Stillness Meditation Technique – Joy Is Always Available

In this recording, I walk you through a simple technique to encourage stillness of mind, by recognizing that joy and peace of mind are always available to you.

Stillness Meditation Script

Hello and welcome to Day 10 of Quiet The Mind. I’m Kyle Greenfield, with The Joy Within.

As continue to explore stillness, I want to offer to you a simple belief.

Joy, is always available to you.

The sense of peace and stillness we have glimpsed, is a part of you. It is universal, and transcendent. You cannot exist without it.

You can tap in to this awareness at any time.

At first, it may seem difficult or unfamiliar to tap into this energy, and that’s ok. Awareness is a skill, and, like any skill, it takes time to master.

With practice, with focus, it becomes easier.

As it becomes easier, you will come to know more clearly that it is always present. It is always within you, waiting for you to focus on it.

Knowing this is essential.

The more firmly you believe this energy is always with you, the more clearly you understand that you are this energy, the more easily you will be able to embody it in your daily life, to think and act always from a state of quiet stillness, peace, love, and ease.

When you know, with absolute certainty, that this joy is always available to you, your mindset will shift. You will release the pressure you put on yourself to ‘get it right,’ because you will understand that you cannot get it wrong.

This allows you to relax, and experience the energy more strongly. It kickstarts a cycle, spiraling you towards ever higher state of joy-bliss-love-light.

So, cast aside your fears. Allow doubt and worry to subside.

And come back to your inner nature. Focus on the joy that is always within you.Become peace, until peace becomes all that you are.

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Kyle Greenfield

Kyle Greenfield is the Founder and CEO of The Joy Within, where our mission is to help you win the fight against stress and negativity by harnessing the power of your natural, inner joy. Kyle has been teaching on meditation, mindfulness, and how to eliminate negative thoughts since 2016. He currently resides in London. You can follow Kyle on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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