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Healing Chakra Meditation Music to Balance the 7 Energy Centers

In this post, I want to share one of my favorite recordings to help heal the chakras during meditation.

Please note: this recording is music only, and does not offer a guided meditation. If you prefer to have someone walk you through a meditation, try this guided chakra healing meditation instead.

It is perfect for relaxing into a deep meditation by yourself, and can be used either as a standalone meditation, or as a peaceful music to help you fall asleep.

The recording is structured to “pass through” each of the seven chakras, using different tonal centers to awaken each, release any negative energy that may be present, and then bring that chakra center into alignment with the rest of your body.

Over the course of the hour, it invokes each chakra, with the result being an even, open, and balanced energy system in your body.

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1 Hour-Long Chakra Healing Meditation Music

Courtesy of Meditative Mind

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Kyle Greenfield

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