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How To Get Into The Vortex in One Minute or Less

As you begin to understand The Law of Attraction and understand the importance of remaining at a high vibration throughout your day, your focus shifts.

You begin to see that the key to manifesting anything that you want is to get in the vortex and stay there.


That can be easier said than done.

The trick is to have a ton of different exercises and techniques you can use, that work quickly and effectively.

In this post, I’ll outline 3 of my favorite strategies for getting into the vortex in one minute or less. Ready?

My Favorite Technique To Get Into The Vortex Instantly: Stepping Back

Hands down my favorite tool to use to get into the vortex in one minute is a breath technique I call ‘stepping back.’

I love it because it’s incredibly simple and fast, and you can do it just about anywhere.

Basically, the exercise is to go through a few cycles of long, loud sighs, followed by a short period of rest, observing the silence. Then you place an intention or an affirmation into the space created by the breath.

I explain how to do the exercise in this video. Click here to access the free training.

Tapping Into The Vortex

Next up is a cool technique that I call “tapping” into the vortex. It’s a great way to calm your mind, and remind yourself to center into the present moment, observing the ineffable joy-bliss-love-light that is always present within you.

This exercise takes some practice to be really effective, because the idea is to train your mind to create an association between tapping your fingers together and centering into a higher state of energy.

But, if you practice it a little, it is a VERY effective way for quickly and easily stepping back to observe your natural energy, and realign with your intentions and desires.

I guide you through this exercise in this meditation for centering into the present moment.

Rampaging With 3 Magic Phrases

Lastly, you can use a tool I call the “3 Magic Phrases.”

This is similar to a rampage of appreciation, insofar as you are leveraging positive statements to feel into a higher state of energy. (Learn more about how to do a rampage of appreciation.)

But, there’s a crucial difference.

The three phrases gives you a concrete place to start. This is perfect for when you’re in a bad mood, and can’t summon the energy or willpower to start rattling off positive aspects of things.

Instead, you need something to kickstart the process.

I outline how to use the 3 Magic Phrases in this free training.

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