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How To Do A Rampage of Appreciation: Easy Exercise with Examples

One of the primary keys to making the Law of Attraction work for you is to know how to change your energy quickly and easily, any time you begin to feel out of sorts.

One of the best ways to raise your vibration to match the energy of your desire is to do a Rampage of Appreciation, which is a specific technique for honing in on the energy of related thoughts. It’s a key tool you can use anytime, anywhere in order to increase your level of happiness and fulfillment, and is based on The Law of Vibration.

You can read this post explaining The Law of Vibration before continuing if you’re not sure how it works.

In this post I’ll talk you through how to create your own rampage of positive energy on any subject you want.

What Is a Rampage of Appreciation?

Rampage of Appreciation is a term coined by Abraham Hicks in her book Ask And It Is Given, and has since been popularized through Abraham’s many seminars, workshops, and recordings. It is a tool designed to help you get into the receiving mode, which is an important part of Abraham’s 5 steps to get into alignment.

The basic idea is that you can begin with any thought, and slowly massage that thought into a positive vibration. The key point to remember is that you need to be able to feel the energy of the thought that you are thinking and speaking. Just because a thought “sounds good” doesn’t mean it gets you into the right vibration. You need to be able to feel a positive flow of energy and resonance with each thought you think.

I talk about this more in my post on how to use positive affirmations, so if you can apply the ideas outlined there, then you’ll easily be able to adapt a similar technique to begin your rampage.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

How To Start Your Rampage

When you’re first getting started working with rampages, it’s natural to feel a little awkward and uncomfortable. The first few times you try it for yourself, you probably won’t know if you’re “doing it right.”

This uncertainty causes many people to hesitate and never get started, so remember that the most important thing is to start wherever you are, and trust that your energy and your ability to rampage will improve with each try.

The reality is that there is no one perfect place to start your rampage. You want to start wherever your current thoughts are, even if those thoughts are negative or unrelated to the desire you want to manifest.

  1. To begin, simply speak your current thought aloud. Speaking (or writing) the thought not only increases its potency and reinforces its energy within you, but it also helps you to clarify what it is you’re thinking, which is extremely important especially when you’re first starting out.
  2. As you speak the thought, notice how it feels. It does not yet matter if the thought feels good or bad. Simply observe what feeling is associated with that thought. Remember: you are where you are.
  3. Lastly, choose a new thought that feels slightly better than the last thought. If your first thought felt bad, consider switching topics, or moving to a more general idea about the topic. Most of the time, negative emotions are strong because we are thinking about negative topics in a very specific way. If you can back off of that topic, you give yourself room to breathe.

If the thought already feels good, repeat it to yourself. Try rephrasing it slightly, using different words to reinforce the same idea. This will help you to notice which words create more positive momentum, and which slow the momentum. Repetition also helps you to remain in the energy of that thought longer, which (if it’s a good thought) will raise your energy.

Continue The Exercise by Building Momentum

Once you’ve spoken a few phrases, you’re well on your way to getting going with your rampage.

The next step is simply to build momentum for it. This can be done a couple of different ways.

Firstly, you can work on increasing the speed with which you speak different thoughts. This will help you to get into a state where one thought flows into the next. As you beign to flow, you begin to think and speak from a state of inspiration, rather than a logical state of mind. When your phrases flow easily and effortlessly, you’ll know you’re in a state of alignment.

The other way to build momentum is to work with how general or specific the thought is. Remember, if you have a negative thought, you want to move to a more general thought. If you have a positive thought, you want to become more specific about that thought.

When you notice that you like or appreciate something, you can begin to list all of the reasons why you like or appreciate it. This will continuously reinforce the positive energy and build incredible momentum towards your aim.

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Rampage of Love

In this first example, you can hear Abraham really hit home with the ideas about how to tap into the feeling of love that is already present. Notice hoe simply by repeating similar ideas related to the word love and by expressing good-feeling sentiments on how it feels to be in love with people, places, and everything in your world, you can create a positive vibration very quickly.

Click here to listen to Abraham’s Rampage of Love.

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