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Gary Zukav Explains Karma and How To Release Negativity

The Seat of The Soul – Karma Explained

One of the most important lessons from The Seat of the Soul revolves around understanding and working with Karma.

Zukav explains that you cannot fully understand the role of Karma so long as you are operating from the traditional, five-sensory perspective. In order to recognize the true implications of your actions, you must approach your life from a multi-sensory perspective.

From this higher perspective (the perspective of your soul), you understand that your primary purpose in life is to learn a series of lessons you have set for yourself.

Karma is the force that teaches these lessons. When you act in a certain way, you create the effect of energy rippling throughout your consciousness. This energy must be released, either in this life or another.

In this way, you are constantly interacting with energy patterns you have created in past lives, but have yet to release. To release your karma, you must release this negative energy through your intention in this moment, and learning to do so is an important step on your journey towards authentic power.

Zukav writes: “From the point of view of the soul, all of its incarnations are simultaneous. All of its personalities exist at once. Therefore, the release of negativity that occurs in one of its incarnations benefits not only itself, but all of the souls other incarnations as well.”

By interacting with karma, we learn the role of our intentions. When we are focused on the physical world around us, operating from a five-sensory perspective, it is difficult to see how our intentions impact the world, but as we learn to broaden our perspective, we

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How Karma Works: Newton’s Third Law of Motion

The best way to understand Karma is to think about Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

If you apply this idea to energy (which is represented by your intention), you can have a good idea of what karma is and how it works. When you act from a state of dishonesty, for example, you can expect more dishonest energy to flow towards you; you will see evidence of people trying to cheat or lie to you, and thus perpetuate that energy, until you decide to release it.

“The law of karma is an impersonal energy dynamic. When it’s effects are personalized, that is, experienced from the point of view of the personality, they are experienced as a reversal in the direction, a coming back to the intender, of the energy of his or her intention.”

How To Release Negative Karma

Learning how to release negative karmic energy parallels the process of learning how to set your intentions. When you gain control of your intention, you gain control of your karma.

To release karmic energy on any topic or theme, all you have to do is to shift your intention when faced with the old energy. So, if your tendency was to face confrontations with anger, lashing out in verbal or physical violence, you will continue to have that anger come back to you until you can learn to face anger without becoming angry yourself. Then, when anger appears before you and you remain peaceful despite the circumstances that are happening, you can release the karma, and cease to experience that negativity.

This means that the best way to get rid of karma is to practice living a loving and compassionate life. Loving kindness is the process of consistently approaching your world without judgment, and choosing to find love in every moment, no matter how challenging the circumstances may seem.

Karma Spans Many Lifetimes and Incarnations

One of the common misunderstands about Karma revolves around when and how the energy you emit manifests itself back to you. For example, you may be experiencing a certain type of negativity in this lifetime, which you feel is undeserved.

From the point of view of this lifetime, it may appear you are a victim, but in actuality this may be energy you have created for yourself in the past. This energy must be balanced, and thus you may experience its effect now.

Similarly, just because you act with positive intentions now does not mean you will never again experience negativity. You have to understand that there are long-form processes of release that are occurring, and your ultimate aim is to come into a state of balance with them.

This means that we cannot judge what we see before us. Releasing judgment of action is essential because it recognizes that the personality that is you in this lifetime does not see the whole picture.

Instead, we must simply learn to let go of any tension or negativity we hold, over and over again. This is the key to successfully getting rid of negative karma, and learning to lead a more positive, inspired, and loving life.

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