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Top 10 Lessons from The Seat of The Soul

Gary Zukav is, hands down, one of my favorite spiritual authors of all time. The Seat of the Soul does a wonderful job of balancing spiritual insight with accessibility, offering us a road map for how to grow as individuals.

In this post, I share the Top 10 lessons from The Seat of the Soul, which offer some great insights and guidance on living a balanced, evolved life.

Lesson 1: You Are Constantly Evolving

The first lesson Zukav offers is that we, both individually and collectively, are constantly evolving.

We are used to the idea of evolution from a physical, scientific standpoint, but most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their spiritual evolution.

Simply starting to approach your life in this way, by thinking about the ways in which you are growing as an individual, empowers you to start acting more authentically and with a higher degree of integrity and focus. This, in turn, will open you to more joy and love in your life.

Lesson 2: You Get What You Give

The second lesson The Seat of The Soul offers is that you get what you give. Karma is a driving energetic force in our lives. Nowadays, we tend to think about karma in terms of the Law of Attraction or Vibration, which is simply a repackaging of age-old spiritual wisdom.

The idea is simple: you get what you give. If you are out to cheat and steal from others, that creates a negative energy that, in some form, will come back to you.

If, on the other hand, you act with integrity, positivity, and love, the universe will reward, and you will be able to grow and accelerate more quickly.

You can learn more about these laws and how to use them to improve your life here.

Lesson 3: Treat Everything With Reverence

Another key lesson is to treat everything with reverence and respect. It doesn’t matter whether it’s another person or an ant, acting with kindness and compassion goes a long way.

In addition to impacting your karma, reverence will also instill within you a greater sense of ease and purpose. You don’t have to believe that you will be punished or rewarded in order to feel a greater sense of fulfillment in your everyday life. That fulfillment comes by acting through love.

Follow the golden rule, and respect the world as if it were yourself.

Lesson 4: Act From Your Heart

Next, Zukav talks about the importance of centering into your heart and acting from a state of love. This is by no means a new idea, but the message is still important.

When you take the time to cultivate a feeling of love in your own life, that feeling will expand out to others. Love multiplies the more you give it.

We talk about how to act from a state of love here.

Lesson 5: Understand Your Intuition

The next lesson is to begin to pay attention to your intuition, and to understand the role it plays in your life.

If you’re like most people, you have a tendency to plan with the rational, conscious mind. Most people don’t realize that we have an intuitive source that we can connect with and allow to give us guidance.

When you understand the role your intuition plays, you are able to better cope with the world around you, and empower yourself to take the best action in every circumstance, because you tap into a source of knowledge that operates beyond the realm of the analytical mind.

Lesson 6: Your Intention Is Powerful

Another lesson from The Seat of the Soul has to do with the power of intention.

As you move throughout each day, you are constantly setting an intention through your actions. The words you speak and the actions you take are evidence of what you seek to accomplish, and how you seek to influence others.

When you are dishonest, or not open with others, this energy is held in your intention, and will create negativity. When you are open, loving, compassionate, and act with integrity, you create positive experiences. It is that simple.

Lesson 7: Cultivate Spiritual Partnerships

Zukav was one of the first writers to re-envision the way in which we develop relationships with each other.

He writes that marriage is a political arrangement that arose from a state of fear. In this form of relationship, the partners depend upon each other for material needs, and join together because it is in their mutual best interest to accrue more wealth and security.

This type of relationship can never be authentic, Zukav argues, because each person places demands on the other. By contrast, he writes that the next phase of our evolution will involve spiritual partnerships in which the aim of each individual is to aid in the growth of the other.

Together, people can seek to help each other uncover their own fears and grow as spiritual beings, not just material ones.

Lesson 8: Develop Authentic Power

Another important takeaway from the book is the need to develop authentic power. Authentic power is unlike the traditional idea of power we hold.

Whereas physical power seeks to control others (by building wealth, fame, or political influence, for example), authentic power is power that is based on personal empowerment.

When you tap into your inner self, you can create a life built around love. When you act from the heart, you create authentic power.

Read more about authentic power in this post.

Lesson 9: Trust Your Inner Guidance

We’ve already talked about how your intution is a source of guidance that you can develop in order to act with a broader awareness as you move throughout your life.

The next step to take is not simply to acknowledge the presence of intuition, but to begin to trust it as a source of guidance. If you practice this, you will realize that your inner guidance is always on point, always showing you how to act with integrity and love.

Developing a profound sense of trust and partnership with this guidance is an importance part of learning to become more spiritual and incorporate these principles into your daily life.

Lesson 10: Everything Is Love

Lastly, it is essential to recognize that everything is love.

The idea of spiritual evolution isn’t simply to act with compassion and reverence, it’s to begin to recognize that everything is interconnected, and that we all operate as a part of the same infinite energy.

This energy is the energy of love, and it permeates everything. When you recognize this fact, you can begin to develop a higher degree of love in your life, and live a life filled with intense passion, exhilaration, and joy.

Learn more about how to experience this joy, peace, and love, everyday.

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