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Gary Zukav on Authentic Power

In his best-selling book, The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav describes the concept of authentic power as an important cornerstone in an individual’s spiritual evolution.

This power is wholly distinct from the usual ideas of power that we hold in the material world, and focuses on the development of you as an individual being, constantly growing towards a more evolved perspective.

In this post we’ll take a look at some of the core ideas behind authentic power, and why it is a fundamental aspect of your spiritual development.

Gary Zukav and Oprah Interview

This interview is from Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations series, presented by OWN.

What Is Authentic Power?

Authentic Power refers to an individual’s ability to create positive energy and heal any issue through the power of love.

Whereas our normal idea of power involves control and manipulation of other people, authentic power reverses this idea to assert that the true sense of power always originates within oneself. When you become centered and align with your own states of inner joy and love, you are able to tap into a source of inspiration and creative genius that few people have known.

When you operate from within this flow, setting positive intention consistently as you move through every single day, you create an energy that manifests positive outcomes for you in your life.

Authentic power recognizes that all people, and all beings, are interrelated, and that, through your karma, you get back the energy that you put out. To create a life of joy, peace, and love, then, it is essential that you act with the highest integrity and love in every circumstance, regardless of whether you are with friends, family, coworkers, or strangers on the street.

To create authentic power means to respond always with your best version of yourself. Begin living with love, and you will find a new world begin to unfold before you.

One of the most inspiring elements of this power is that you can choose to create it in any circumstance. Not only that, but as you begin the process of developing this power for yourself, it will continue to grow into a powerful, almost unstoppable force.

It does not matter where you begin. Something as simple as a small act of kindness, a few nice words to someone having a bad day, or taking the time to respond consciously to an angry encounter. These are the seeds of this new form of power.

It is up to you to create it for yourself, every day. Watch the interview below for more insights on what this power is and how you can apply it to your life.

Top 10 Authentic Power Quotes

Unless otherwise noted, all of the quotes below are by Gary Zukav, excerpted from The Seat of The Soul.

“An authentically powered person lives in love. Love is the energy of the soul.”

“Creating authentic power means aligning your personality with your soul.”

“Authentic power is the energy that is formed by the intentions of the soul. It is the light shaped by the intentions of love and compassion guided by wisdom.”

“The more you create authentic power, the more the characteristics of authentic power become yours, and the more meaning, purpose, and joy enter your life.”

“The loving personality seeks not to control but to nurture, not to dominate, but to empower.”

“Authentic power is building something inside of you that you cannot lose and that no one can take from you.”

“I cannot create authentic power in you. I can only create authentic power in myself. But, I cannot create it in myself without you.”

“Authentic power is the real deal. You can’t inherit it, but it, or win it. You also can’t lose it. You don’t need to build your body, reputation, wealth, or charisma to get it.”

“Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and that love is all there is.”

“The creation of authentic power is the creation of a life of joy.”

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