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Jim Rohn Teaches How To Turn Nothing Into Something

Jim Rohn was one of the greatest motivational speakers of the 20th century, offering “common sense” advice that was, in fact, a complete psychology of success that is profound in its simplicity.

In this post I want to share one of my favorite snippets, from the collection, The Day That Turns Your Life Around.

In this speech Rohn teaches a simple 5 step process for turning something into nothing. This process can be applied to anything from building a business enterprise to creating vibrant health or a loving marriage.

Jim Rohn on How To Create Your Reality From An Idea

The first step in Rohn’s process is to recognize that even when you have nothing, you don’t really have nothing.

You always have your own unique ideas and imaginations. You have a powerful, unique perspective, which gives you insight into how you want to create your life. So, the key is to always start with ideas and imagination about what you want.

We think these ideas are “nothing” because they aren’t tangible. But, Rohn teaches that in fact, imagination is the root of everything, and everything that exists now was once nothing more than an idea. Furthermore, imagination yields you what you really want, thanks to the law of attraction.

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The next step is to make the imagination so real you can picture it clearly. Make it so real it feels almost real. In this process, you clarify your vision, and begin to develop faith in it.

As you clarify your aim, you begin to believe that what you imagine is possible for you. This is the faith to believe, and without this faith, you will struggle to accomplish your aim. With this faith, you can achieve anything.

Once your vision is clear and you have faith in that vision, you must go to work and make it real. No matter how clear your vision, some action will always be required. This action does not have to be complicated or difficult. In fact, it can be extremely pleasant and feel very empowering, but, action is always required.

Rohn states that: “Faith without the activity serves no useful purpose, but faith invested into the activity creates reality.”

Lastly, remember that it takes the disciplined activity to turn nothing into something. Disciplined activity is a step beyond action. Actions can be performed once or twice with some effect, but the most powerful actions are the daily choices that become our habits.

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So, the best approach is to “Appreciate the disciplines that turn imagination into reality. Without the disciplines it doesn’t work. The discipline is the last piece of the miracle process.”

Your ability is not in question. What is in question is your willpower, your desire, your choice, every single day, to do what it takes to meet your goal. If you do this, every day, you will arrive, without fail.

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