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Jim Rohn on Self-Discipline and Daily Habits for Success

Jim Rohn was one of the most influential success coaches of the 20th century. He spoke widely about the importance of developing the right mindset and habits in order to achieve success.

Rohn taught that ultimately success in any field comes down to a few simple ideas. In this post we’ll take a look at one of the most important traits of success: self-discipline and the power of daily habits.

The Importance of Daily Disciplines

Rohn taught that daily disciplines are the cornerstone of success.

What you do, every single day, determines who you are, and what you are able to achieve. If you are constantly looking for new ways to push the envelope, to challenge yourself to become a better person, a better businessman, or a better partner, then you will inevitably achieve that result. When you set a daily intention for success, and then follow up on that intention with focused action, you will begin to build unstoppable momentum towards your goal.

This is because in Rohn’s view, action is the ultimate lever for using The Law of Attraction. When you believe you are able to do something, you are more likely to act on those beliefs. Consistent action then yields the results you’re looking for.

Jim Rohn’s daily disciplines are true regardless of what field or industry you work in, or whether you want to apply them to goals in your personal or professional life.

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How To Develop Self-Discipline Through The Power of Thoughts

The Law of Attraction is at the core of Rohn’s philosophy of success. This means that he believed that before you can master any action, you must first learn how to master your mind.

If you can control your mind, then the pursuit of any aim will follow effortlessly.

The key, then, to developing self-discipline is to leverage the power of your thoughts so you always feel motivated to action. You can do this through two beliefs.

The first is the decision about what you want. When you maintain a consistent decision about how you are going to act, you immediately remove one of the biggest hurdles. When you are unsure about what you want, or what next steps you need to take, it is easy to remain in a state of inaction. Certainty, by contrast, will often drive you to action. You strengthen this decision through the use of focused visualization and autosuggestion techniques.

The second principle is the firm conviction and belief that your aim will happen, so long as you persist towards it. If you do not think your goal is realistic, you will become lethargic, and look for ways to procrastinate towards it, either consciously or subconsciously. Knowing that you will succeed, however, sets you up for success.

It is in this way that self-discipline must always arise first and foremost from mental discipline. Rohn explains this concept further in the following video.

Video: Discipline Your Thinking

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