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How To Work with Louise Hay’s Affirmation Cards

Our self-talk and inner dialogue have an incredible impact on us. When we are belittling ourselves and speak negatively to ourselves this shifts our whole experience of life.

It can be hard to break a negative thought cycle, but affirmations can help. Below we will include a free PDF download of her I can do it affirmation card deck.

Who Is Louise Hay?

Louise Hay is a famous author who has created many avenues to spark people with the seed of self-love. She is the founder of Hay House, offers hundreds of guided meditations accessible via youtube, as well as podcasts, and many affirmation card decks.

She has written books such as You Can Heal Your Life, Mirror Work, and Loving Your Way To Great Health. In all of her books, she inspires people with the message of how powerful our thoughts are and how healing self-love is.

She is incredibly well known for her work of teaching how affirmations can help us heal even physical diseases. In many of her books, she explains how our thoughts and mental state effect the state and health of our physical body.

Affirmations are one of the routes she uses to help people rewire their belief, inner dialogue, and physical bodies to be in optimal health. If you want to learn more about how affirmations can change your life click here.

How To Use Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards are a little deck of cards, larger than a stack of playing cards, and are colorfully illustrated as well. Louise Hay has quite a few affirmation cards to choose from. On each card is a different affirmation or positive statement ready to be integrated into your self-dialogue.

Wake Up To Love

There are quite a few ways to use them. First, you can use the cards in the morning and pull one to incorporate in your morning practice. Whether you have been practicing meditation, yoga, or journaling as a morning practice you can incorporate affirmations cards every morning.

If you have not begun a morning practice you can use Louise Hay’s morning gratitude meditation to get started. The benefit of incorporating these cards in the morning is to start your day on a positive note and to tune your vibration to be a match to the affirmations.

Write It Into Existence

Another way you can use these cards is by incorporating them into journaling. This can be done by repetitively writing down the affirmation on the card you pulled. This is a powerful way to work with the law of attraction as writing your affirmation on paper will bring it directly into a physical form

You can write the statement in 3 different forms. Those forms would be

  • first person (the affirmation) I am…
  • second person (the affirmation) you are…
  • third person (the affirmation) your name is…

The benefit of this specific practice is to ingrain the perspective in three different viewpoints. This can help you more wholeheartedly connect to the affirmation as well as find any possible please you feel resistance in.

Mirror Work

Now one of the best ways to use Louise Hay’s affirmation cards is to use them with mirror work. This means saying them directly to your reflection. Learn more about what mirror work is here and the benefit to it.

Free PDF Download

Below is a free PDF ebook download of Louise Hay’s affirmation cards “I Can Do It”. Enjoy working with them!

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