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Louise Hay’s Morning Gratitude Meditation for Positive Energy

Louise Hay: Morning Meditation

Here’s one of my favorite morning meditations from Louise Hay, reknowned spiritual author and one of the original leaders of New-Thought, focusing on how managing your energy can drastically improve your life.

Listen to this meditation in a quiet place every morning, building it into a daily habit of meditation, and you’ll see incredible positive results in your life!

Gratitude Meditations for Positive Energy

If you’re just starting to develop a meditation practice, finding the right guided meditations can be challenging and overwhelming., but It can also be loads of fun. The key is to experiment with a lot of different styles of meditation in order to find which ones work best for you. Don’t feel like you have to force yourself into any one style or teaching.

Building up a daily habit of meditation is extremely important if you want to build positive energy in your life, and one of the best ways to go about that is to start with gratitude meditations. Gratitude meditations are one of the easiest ways to create positive momentum in your life, which you can then apply to any topic or area you’d like to focus on.

That’s why I really love this meditation. Give it a try and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Who Is Louise Hay? A Short Bio

Louise Hay was a prominent motivational and self-help author. She is most famous for her book You Can Heal Your Life, which was published in 1984. She was also the founder of Hay House, a spiritual publishing company, which has grown to be one of the top publishing houses for books on spirituality, positive energy, motivation and self-help, along with other New-Thought topics.

Hay was born in October of 1926, and later became strongly influenced by the Religious Science and New Thought movements, in particular the works by Ernest Holmes and Florence Scovel Shinn, both of whom taught the power of the mind to influence one’s physical circumstances and environment.

Hay became a strong advocate of the power of using the mind for positive thinking, teaching that the key to health and success was in the ability to gain control of your thoughts. She was a student not only of these philosophies, but also of Transcendental meditation, which she studied at the Maharishi University in Iowa.

Kyle Greenfield

Kyle Greenfield is the Founder and CEO of The Joy Within, where our mission is to help you win the fight against stress and negativity by harnessing the power of your natural, inner joy. Kyle has been teaching on meditation, mindfulness, and how to eliminate negative thoughts since 2016. He currently resides in London. You can follow Kyle on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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