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What You Need To Know About Michael Singer Course

Dive deep into finally silencing the core of why the mind’s constant talking with Michael Singer’s course, Living From A Place Of Surrender The Untethered Soul In Action. Here in an 8 part video series, Michael will guide you to uncover your true self behind the busied thinking and personality.

What Does It Mean To Living From A Place Of Surrender?

Michael Singer who is a dedicated yogi ended up in the corporate world as a VP for WebMD creating medical software after the company he worked for merged with them.

He found that trying to create a certain desire or meet an expectation kept him from allowing joy to enter his life. The mind becomes focused upon achieving that expectation and centers its happiness based solely off of reaching it or not.

This makes happiness, joy, and satisfaction inconsistent. Through The Surrender Experiment Michael explains how he stops limiting himself and his flow of happiness through the rigid ideation of how life should be.

When you find freedom from the constant neediness of the mind you become in touch with the real you, who allows life to unfold around you in its own divine nature. Living from a place of surrender means trusting life and allowing it to unfold around you without clinging to resistance.

What You Need To Know About The Untethered Soul Course

In the 8 week course Living From A Place Of Surrender The Untethered Soul In Action, Michael Singer covers many different points. The main focus is on covering the nature of the mind that he covered in both The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment.

As you may know, since you are interested in the course, there is a lot to cover in order to begin quieting the incessant and constant mental chatter. Meditation is one of the most effective tools to quiet the monkey mind.

Although sitting in meditation you may find it doesn’t always silence the distracting thoughts right away. This is why Michael Singer created this course to break down steadily removing the root of what causes the unending thoughts.

This then leads you to be in touch with the “real” you that is the constant you. This would be the you that is behind the constant thoughts and ever pulling nature of the mind. If you want to learn more about the course or get started with his free 3 part video series, click here.

Michael Singer Course Review

This course will bring you to let go of the cause of anxiety and chronic stress. It brings you to use the mind to support you rather than disturb or work against you. You will learn how to clear negative emotions and allow joy to arise spontaneously through you.

This course even follows adding spiritual activism into the path. In the video below Michael explains the essence of karma yoga. This talk begins to explain how when we follow our spiritual path and first look inside ourselves and quiet our mind and find self-mastery, we move out into the external world.

Learn More About Quieting The Mind \

We have many other resources you can use to begin exploring the contents of your mind, try out these exercises to practice mindfulness of sound.

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