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The Untethered Soul Summary and Key Points

This book written by Michael Singer is packed with information that can provide impactful insights. You can use within your meditation practice or throughout life in order to discover deep revelations about the way you perceive and experience life.

We are going to give you a summary of The Untethered Soul so that you can digest the key points of this book. If you have already read it and are hungry for more Michael Singer has come out with a course called Living From A Place Of Surrender The Untethered Soul In Action.

You can learn all about his course and free 3 part video series right here.

Summary Of The Untethered Soul

The book itself focuses on how the soul is tethered to the ego and what the effects of that are. Singer has contemplated and meditated upon how to free the soul from the influence and grasp of the ego.

He begins the book by separating the soul, the true you, from your perceived identity, and the part of your mind that is constantly speaking. This can be driven home by one of Michael Singer’s quotes:

There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind – you are the ones who hears it.

Another lesson to integrate is remembering that the voice talking is not you. How can it be if you are hearing it talk? This brings us to our next key point, disappointment, anxiety, desire, and shame all stem from listening to that voice inside your head who is narrating your life.

Meditation has become a proven tool to quiet the mind’s chatter. When you accept that the inner voice will never be steadily at peace and content then you can begin creating a separation from identifying with it.

You can begin to do that by separating yourself from your story and your personality. Your ego also has inner thorns. This is where you derive cravings from in order to soothe the pain.

When you switch to acknowledging your pain and begin watching it rather than avoiding it you can become free from then incessant pulling the promise to soothe this pain offers.

Key Points and Lessons

There are some aspects of The Untethered Soul that you should carry with you into your daily life to create deeply impactful change and to free yourself from resisting the beautiful unfoldment of life.

One of those is to bring death more to the forefront of your mind. Why is that? When you remember that your time to create, experience, and enjoy in this life is limited you can recalibrate your priorities to what really matters to you.

Another key point is that it is a choice to choose if you are either happy or unhappy. You have the choice to let go or to hold onto the mental perceptions and stories that cause suffering.

Use this guided meditation to tap into joy in the present moment and shift into choosing happiness. The last key point we will cover from The Untethered Soul is that when you let go of resistance is when spontaneous joy arises rather than through forcing life to meet your mind’s idea of happiness.

This brings motivation into surrendering even when it can feel more comforting to go into the familiar controlling ups and downs of adjusting reality.

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