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Neale Donald Walsch On Evolution and Enlightenment

Neale Donald Walsch has sprinkled wisdom on a wide array of topics especially throughout his series Conversations With God. The answers and teachings Neale offers the world is inspired by his modern God. Want to know what Neale Donald Walsch has to say about evolution and enlightenment? Well, then keep reading!

We Are Capable of More Than Survival

One of the important foundations that Neale has said before is that we are capable of more than just survival. We each are made up of divinity at our core and this wisdom is always accessible to us. This essence is what he calls God.

So with covering the topic of evolution and enlightenment it is most important to note that in Neale’s opinion we are each playing a role we have been invited here to play. We at our core are a universal oneness with all life.


Through our own soul’s journey, we will fulfill a purpose due to the intention we hold. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are holding an intention that will affect how you communicate, how you impact the world and even sets an energetic signature for the destinations you will arrive at.

Journaling is a great way to get clear with your intention and self-reflect on what is going on inside your mental body. We have journal prompts for all seven of the chakras here starting with the root chakra.

Neale also says that your awakening is not by chance but by your own intentions before you came to experience this life. He also says that to continue the intentions you set before coming into this life is by specifically following your own personal growth and overcoming your own personal challenges.


When awakening to the idea that when you change your thoughts you also change the world some fear that they will slip into an egocentric perspective and even possibly lose your connection to your internal purpose.

Neale responds to these questions by voicing that accepting your “imperfections”, places you still need to grow, and understand that you are still a work “in progress” then you will not slip into these mindsets.

Especially if your goal to bring humanity through a deep evolution is to share that you have been lead by a deeper essence within you rather than to make yourself to be a leader then again you will not fall into arrogance.

We Are All One

Neale says when we show up for other people we are also showing up for ourselves. For instance, when we engage other people at the level we engage ourselves on then we will find that we are also creating growth within ourselves.

This is the foundation behind one of the most profound teachings he offers, which is that we are all one. From this understanding compassion and patience become a lot easier. This is also how meditation can help you deal with stressful people.

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Neale Donald Walsch’s teachings have opened the eyes and hearts of millions around the world. We recommend that you also take a look into Ram Dass’s work who has also created a grand impact on the evolution of human consciousness.

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