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Neale Donald Walsch The Must-Knows On Money and Abundance

Abundance and money is a topic Neale Donald Walsch often teaches people as there is so much to unlearn from the way society has taught us to view money. He even wrote a book called Neale Donald Walsch on Abundance and Right Livelihood to answer some of the questions people have around it in-depth.

Resistance To Money

One of the most eye-opening points that Neale makes about money is based on the fact that many people hold a belief that money is bad. Now, most people if you ask them if they think money is bad will respond “No”.

The catch here is that their behaviors can show that somewhere within their subconscious they don’t exactly believe money is good. He has explained that if everything in your world is God why wouldn’t money also be?

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This statement can completely dissolve any remaining resistance you have to receive money or financial compensation for the work you have done. Neale says, ” Money is just another form of the energy of life that we call God.”.

Part of the behaviors that show some of our hidden beliefs around money are the words we use to describe it. When we say things such as filthy rich it can give away our inner thoughts and even programming we have adopted from society’s perspective.

Spirituality and Money

A question Neale is often asked and addresses beautifully with a message that can also free you from limiting perspectives is “how does it feel to be going around the country teaching spirituality and making so much money at is?”.

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Neale explains this brings us right into the root behind their question which is the idea that there must be something wrong with him making money for his work. He teaches that money is the currency, in other words, the energy that makes the machinery of life work at this current moment in time.

When you deny yourself of the power money can provide due to a righteousness belief that you should not have money when others are suffering, it can deprive you of the ability to change the system the power of money may have been able to provide you.

Make A Life Rather Than A Living

A big piece of advice Neale offers is for people to make a life rather than a living. You may be wondering exactly what he means by that. Well, first off this encompasses the idea that you focus upon the impact you want to make rather than the money you want to attain.

Neale talks about The Four Fundamental Questions of Life which are: Who am I? Where am I? Why am I where I am? What do I intend to do about that? This brings you deeper into the impact you want to make and clarifies your intentions.

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Worry is another important point to address. When you place all of your focus upon worry then you rob yourself of the richness of the present moment.

Neale says, “98% of the world’s people are spending 98% of their time on things that don’t matter.” which more deeply states the fact that to focus upon your life rather than your living will help bring towards you the support you need to continue that.

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