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Summary of Neale Donald Walsch’s Books – Conversations With God

Neale Donald Walsh is most well known for his 9 book series Conversations With God that also became a movie. Though he has written a shocking total of 28 books. With that many, it can be hard for us readers to know the order for his infamous series, Conversations With God.

1. Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 1

This would be the first book of Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God series published in 1995. The inspiration for these books started when he was frustrated and rightfully so after a long journey of being homeless and struggling to find a job while crushing aluminum cans to make enough to stay alive.

He wrote God an angry letter asking him some of the deepest questions that were circulating in his head. He heard God speak and answer his question, which he then grabbed the tools to write down everything he heard God saying back.

Although Neale does not accredit himself as channeling God he says instead he uses God as inspiration to the questions he answers.

2. Conversations With God – Book 2: An Uncommon Dialogue

As the second book in this series published in 1997, this book continues down the path of asking God questions. In this book, Neale dives deeper into the topics of the external world as a whole.

He covers topics such as geopolitics and offers wisdom that can change the way we look at and interact with the world. Find 15 eye-opening quotes from Conversations With God here.

3. Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 3)

Conversations With God is often referenced to as a trilogy due to the re-release combined edition in 2005 were God’s answers were one colored text and Neale’s questions were in another.

This book is a source of answers for entirely different questions than the first two covering a focus upon the universal truth of life and how we can come to view challenges as opportunities to step deeper into ourselves.

4. Friendship With God: An Uncommon Dialogue

This book published in 1999 begins to help readers integrate the teaching within the Conversations With God Trilogy. It breaks down how we all can apply our relationship with God into all the details of our daily lives.

It also recounts the events that lead Neale to ask his questions to God and his personal experiences that tie into the series. Enjoy our related title: How To Love Like God.

5. Communion With God: An Uncommon Dialogue

Becoming published in 2000, this next book, Communion With God, takes readers a step deeper into their friendship with God leading them into communion with him. He teaches readers The Ten Illusions of Man, which is what he calls the misunderstandings we see ourselves and even God through.

6. Conversations With God for Teens

Coming out as the 6th book of Conversations With God (CWG) and published in 2001, CWG For Teens Neale answers the questions from teenagers who have been holding their questions inside them until Neale offers answers that help guide these teens into a deeper relationship with themselves and God.

7. The New Revelations: A Conversation With God

This book came out in 2002 following the horrific events of 9/11 and offers us a deeper insight into how we can move forward and bring our society into deeper harmony and into deeper peace. Learn how to listen to the inner voice of God here.

8. Tomorrow’s God: Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge

2004 this book was published and states a deep vision that Neale says come from the source of God. In this book, he explains just why this new wisdom from God within CWG and spirituality has the opportunity to and it will shift our humanity as a whole.

9. Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends

One of humanity’s biggest fears that have countless theories, yet none of them can be proven is what the experience of death is all about. This book offers comforting wisdom and profound revelations at what the end of our lives actually means.

He covers the questions we have all thought to ourselves within at some point or another and gives us the answers that will shift our entire outlook.

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